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Tribute to Davy Jones

Davy Jones, the British-born lead singer of 1960s pop group The Monkees, recently  died at the age of 66 in America. Medical officials in Florida did not comment on the cause of death, but a spokesman for the star said he had suffered a heart attack. From 1965 to 1971, Jones was the lead singer …

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Fun traditions associated with February 29th

1. Queen Margaret of Scotland was apparently five years old when she came up with the notorious February 29 proposal trap. 2. If a man did refuse the proposal, he would be fined a kiss, a silk dress or twelve pairs of gloves. 3. Women either have to wear breeches or a scarlet petticoat to …

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Greatest Comic book Superheroes of All time

Batman was recently named the greatest comic hero of all time in a poll conducted by Comic Heroes magazine to find the top 50 superheroes of all time, as voted by readers . Followed in second place by Spiderman & Superman in third place. Wolverine, the adamantium-clawed mutant from X-Men, comes in fourth followed by …

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Leap Year 29th February

A leap year (or intercalary or bissextile year) is a year containing one additional day (or, in the case of lunisolar calendars, a month) in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year. Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that …

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V Festival 2012

This years V Festival takes place between Saturday 18th August and Sunday 19th August at Weston Park Staffordshire & Hylands Park, Chelmsford. Among the acts rumoured to be attending this year are: The Stone Roses The Killers Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Snow Patrol Nicki Manaj David Guetta Example James Morrison Ed Sheeran Tom Jones …

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84th Academy Award Winners

Here is the full list of winners for the 84th Academy Awards: Best Picture:The Artist Best actor: Jean Dujardin – The Artist Best actress: Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady Supporting actor: Christopher Plummer – Beginners Supporting actress: Octavia Spencer – The Help Adapted screenplay: The Descendants Original screenplay: Midnight In Paris Directing: The Artist …

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Nominations for the 84th Annual Academy Awards

The 84th Academy Awards (A.K.A The Oscars) takes palce on Sunday 26th February 2012. Here are the Nominations for each category: Best Picture The Artist – Thomas Langmann The Descendants – Jim Burke, Jim Taylor, and Alexander Payne Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Scott Rudin The Help – Brunson Green, Chris Columbus, and Michael …

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Telegraph guide to the Night Sky

This weekend the Telegraph Newspaper is offering readers the chance to get two inspirational, glossy guides to the night sky which are  free inside The Telegraph on Saturday, February 25th  and inside The Sunday Telegraph on February 26th , Introduced by Sir Patrick Moore and produced in association with Astronomy Now magazine, they  provide practical stargazing …

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OsFest 2012

This years annual OsFest is again being held at Oswestry Showground in the Shropshire market town of Oswestry. It has been organised by Seventh Sense Management who have again joined forces with Live & Unsigned. The Event takes place from Friday 1st until Monday 4th June 2012 at the Oswestry Showground, Shropshire, on the outskirts …

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Shrewsbury Folk Festival

More than 5,000 fans are expected to descend on  the County Showground in Shrewsbury during August to see KT Tunstall play at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. – Hell yeah! It was great fun when I went a few years ago. Singer-songwriter KT Tunstall, who has a clutch of musical accolades including a BRIT award, an …

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