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The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I’ve recently read ths wonderfully Creepy and atmspherc mystery by Sr Arthur Conan Doyle, in whch a chap named Sr Charles Baskervlle, the owner of a large estate called Baskervlle Hall suddenly dies in mysterous circustances and the superstitious locals blame the death on a ferocously monsterous spectral hound which is said to have haunted the Baskervlle Famly for generatons.

So the heir to the estate, Sir Henry Baskervlle employs the services of world famous detectve Sherlock Holmes and his assocate Doctor Watson to protect him and prevent hm from meetng the same fate. Holmes suspects a less supernatural and more down to earth explanaton So he dspatches Doctor Watson to Baskervlle hall to begin the investgation. where he fnds a foreboding house surrounded by the disorentating and treacherous peat bogs, thick fogs and lonely inhospitable moors where one could easily get lost, and the unmistakeable and savage howl of a huge canine can often be heard at night.

The latest film “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” starrng Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law wll also be released on DVD on 14th June 2012

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A Scandal in Bohemia & Other Short Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Scandal in Bohemia

Sherlock Homes & Doctor Watson are approached by a Bohemian Noble Man named Count von kramm regarding the the delicate matter of acquiring some incriminating evidence pertaining to  some indescretion made by the king, whch if made public cuold cause a scandal for the Boheman Royal Family

A Case of identity

Awoman named Mrs Mary Sutherland asks Sherlock Holmes to fnd out what has happened to a chap named Hosmer Angel whom she was due to marry but who mysterously vanshed on the way to St Savours Church on the day of the weddng. Holmes suspects that Her Stepfather Mr Windibank (What a splendidly cool surname lol) may somehow be involved wth the dissappearance

The Red Headed league

A chap named Mr Jabel Watson requests the Help of Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson regarding an advetsement for an orgasation known as the red-headed league. Which was founded by an American Millionare named Ezekial Hopkins who has mysteriously absconded wth all the admission fees without trace and Holmes & Watson find themselves on the tral of a criminal named John Clay who is plannng an audacious bank robbery.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

A man named Mr McCarthy mysteriously vanishes in Boscombe Down and murder is suspected,  however Sherlock Holmes is not convnced that the matter is as simple as it seems

The Man wth the Twisted Lip

A dstraught woman named kate Whitney comes to Holmes and Watson seeng advice about her husband who has been missng for forty eight hours. It soon transpires that a man named Nevlle St Claire has also recently disappeared in the same area. Holmes & Watson investgatons lead them to a seedy opium den in a partcularly run-down part of London where they encounter a particularly unpleasant individual named Hugh Boone & a criminal named Lascar who are both up to no good

The Five Orange Pips

A young man named John Openshaw goes to see Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson when both his uncle and Father are both found dead in mysterious circumstances after gettng an envelope containing fve orange pips and signed k.k.k. and learns that his Father & Uncle were both members of a mysterious organsation known as The Paradol Chamber of the Ameteur Mendicant Society. Then John himself gets a letter containing fve orange pips and signed k.k.k. and begins to fear for hs safety

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Grand Prx Results

Australan Grand Prx – Albert Park – Melbourne – Sunday Eghteenth March

  • Jenson Button
  • Sebastan Vettel
  • Lews Hamlton
  • Mar Webber
  • Fernando Alonso
  • KobyashI
  • Kim Rakkonnen
  • S Penez
  • D Rcardo
  • P D Resta


Malaysan Grand Prx – Sepang – Sunday 25th March

  •  Fernando Alonso
  • S Penez
  • Lewis Hamlton
  • Mar Webber
  • K Rakkonnen
  • B Senna
  • P D Resta
  •  J Vergne
  • N Hulenberg
  • Mchael Schumacher

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I Have also recently watched ths film again which stars James Franco as a dedicated young scentst working at a research facility, who thnks he may have found a cure for Alzheimers when he develops a new drug and the chmp he is testng it on developes human like emotons superor ntellgence and an ablty to communcate at an almost human leve as a resultl. He hopes ths new drug wll also cure hs father (John Lithgow) who s deterioratng fast due to the effects of the dsease.

However an unfortunate ncdent occurs when the chimp tres to protect hs ailing father from an ignorant neghbour and Ceasar the Chmpanzee fnds hmself transferred to a local zoo where the keeper (Bran Cox) and hs assstant (Tom Felton) are less than sympathetc towards ther charges. So Ceasar beng Highly intellgent haatches an audacous plot to free all the prmates from the zoo as well as the research facilty and expose them to the same drug whch gave him such amazng abltes.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

(Please excuse the typo’s ‘m havng trouble wth my eyboard – seems to be the letters after “h” n the alphabet) Recently watched the remake of John Le Carre’s novel Tinker Tailor Solder Spy starrng Gary Oldman & Tom Hardy (Who are both also appearing n the Forthcoming Batman flm “Dark knight Rises”). Ths cold wAR ESPiONAGE Thrller is based on the novel of the same name by John Le Carre and concerns an ex-MI6 egent named George Smiley  who finds hmself drawn bac in to the shadowy world of nternatonal espionage when a disgraced spy surfaces wth mportant information concernng a double agent who s workng at the top of the Brtsh Secret Servce and he s asked to nvestgate whch of hs former colleagues has chosen to betray hm and ther company. Hs nvestgatons lead hm to four man suspects who are all experenced slled and successful agents.

Soon Past Rvalres hstores and frendshps are put to the test and mae t very dffcult for Smley to locate the Double-Agent who s eatng away at the very heart of the Brtsh establshemnt. The flm also stars Coln Frth Mark Strong and Benedict Cumberrbatch (Who can also be seen n the TV Seres Sherloc Holmes and the flm War Horse.)

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Recent Spring Steam Gala’s

Chasewater Spring Steam Gala

Ths years Chasewater Sprng Steam Gala too place on the Weekend of the 17th and 1th March at the Chasewater Steam Ralway near Brownhlls n Staffordshre. Ths year the Bagnall 0-4-0 Saddle Tan number two eight Four Two was runnyng courtsey f the Foxfield Rilway, The RS&H 0-6-0 Saddle Tan No 7684 “Nechelles No 4, The Bagnall 0-4-0 Sadde Tank N 2648 Linda, The Hunslett 0-6-0 3783 Darfeild No 1, the Barclay 0-4-0 1233 Coln McAndrew The Sentinel 4W/VBT 9332 and the Taylor Hubbard Steam Crane

During the event there was an intensve freght and passenger timetabe Brake van Rides Narrow Gauge Raway The Hertage Centre and museum were aso open and there was also a model Ralway Layout.

Severn Valley Railway Sprng Steam Gala

This year The Severn Valley Railway has teamed up with ‘Steam Railway Magazine’ for its spring steam enthusiasts’ gala event.Ths years event tookk place from Friday 23rd March until Sunday 25th March 2012 . locomotives vstng ths year were the Gresley A4 pacific n 60019 Bttern in Garter Blue  carrying it’s pre-grouping number of 4464, which was hauling the SVR’s rake of LNER teak coaches.

The Sole survvivng Macntosh Desgned Caledonan o-6-o No. 828 – Caledonian ‘812 class’ 0-6-0  also made a return to the SVR after appearing at the 2011 Autumn Steam Gala alongside GWR 6024 King Edward I and A1 Pacific no 60163 Tornado. The GNR Tank Engine no 1744 (See above) also returned to the Severn Valley Ralway courtesy  ofthe Gresley Society and the Great Central Railway.and the Wordsel Desgned J72 cass o62 tank Engine no 69023 “Joem” which was Designed originally for the NER in 1898.

The Workshop and boilershop at Bridgnorth were also both open t0 the public and the Engine Shed Vistor & Education centre at Highley was a1so open, The Replica of Richard Trevthicks locomotive “Catch me wh can” was also in steam and various sideshows were also going on during r the event. Including A non-stop Tal-y-llyn society special train re-creation on Sunday 25th March. 7812 and 4566 were also  operating from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth with appropriate headboard and Maroon Mk1 coaches as per the 7827 and 4555 hauled version of 1964!).

There were also Morning and afternoon goods trains, interesting double headers (69023 and 1744 on the teaks) . Friday Evening, Saturday Evening and Sunday lunchtime dining trains, The Siphon G and newly restored cattle wagon will also be in use (subject to the usual disclaimers) on the end of passenger trains.  LNER Restaurant Car No.7960 will be in service in the LNER teak set, gvng an 8-coach GN/LNER Teak set. On Sunday there was also a recreation of a TRPS special with a full-line non-stop run by 7812 and 4566 on

The BR Maroon Mk1 Coaches and the Recently refurbished GWR Churchward designedv 28xx class No.2857 were also running in time for the Spring Steam Gala and The home fleet of 4566 – GWR 4500 class ‘Small’ Prairie Tank, 5164 GWR 5101 class ‘large’ Prairie Tank, GWR 7812 ‘Erlestoke Manor’, LMS Stanier Mogul No.42968 and LMS- design Ivatt Class 4 No.43106 were also runnung

In addition, An agreement has also recently been reached with Southern Locomotives Ltd for the loan of ‘Battle of Britain’ class locomotive No. 34053, Sir Keith Park. This locomotive is currently in the final stages of its restoration at Herston in Dorset and will operate on the Severn Valley Railway for the first time in railway preservation following its withdrawal from mainline use in 1965 .   We expect ‘Sir Keith’ to arrive at the SVR by the end of April and, following a testing and running in period, will be available for traffic for the remainder of 2012. It is anticipated that ‘Sir Keith’ will be a popular performer at our ‘Step Backto the 1940s’ weekends and a major attraction at the ‘Autumn Steam Gala’.

A photographic Album covering the SVR’s history and entitled Severn Valley Railway: 150 Glorious Years, will be available free with Heritage Railway issue 161, and is on sale Thursday, March 15.