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Tribute to Franz Joseph Haydn -Haydn Festival

Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn sadly passed away on this date 31st May in 1809. Joseph haydn was born on 31st March 1732  and grew up to be one of the most prolific and prominent composers of the Classical period. He is often called the “Father of the Symphony” and “Father of the String Quartet” …

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Go ahead make my day, Punk!

American film actor, director, producer, composer and politician. Clint Eastwood, Jr. wasborn on May 31, 1930). He first came to prominence as a supporting cast member in the TV series Rawhide (1959–1965). He rose to fame for playing the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy of spaghetti westerns (A Fistful of Dollars, …

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Tribute to W.Heath Robinson

Best known for his wonderfully outlandish illustrations of all sorts of wierd & wonderful contraptions, the English cartoonist W. Heath Robinson, was born May 31st 1872 In the UK, the term “Heath Robinson” has entered the language as a description of any unnecessarily complex and implausible contraption, similar to “Rube Goldberg” in the U.S. “Heath …

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Tribute to the Late Great John Bonham

Best remembered as the drummer of Led Zeppelin, who are widely considered to be one of the most successful, innovative and influential rock groups in the history of music The late great Jon Bonham was born 31st May 1948. Led Zeppelin were formed in 1968 after former Yardbirds Guitarist  Jimmy Page recruited vocalist Robert Plant, …

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Trans Europe Express

Karl Bartos, Muscian with  pioneering influential German electro/techno band Kraftwerk  was born on ths day 31st May in 1952,  In addition Fritz Hilpert who was also a sound engineer with Kraftwerk was also born on May 31st, a few yeaars later in 1956 Kraftwerk , (meaning power plant or power station) are an influential electronic music band from …

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Tim Burgess – The Charlatans

Tim Burgess, English singer with English alternative rock band The Charlatans was Born 30th May 1967. The band’s line-up currently comprises Tim Burgess (vocals), Mark Collins (guitar), Martin Blunt (bass), Tony Rogers (keyboards) and Jon Brookes (drums and percussion). In the UK, all of the band’s eleven studio albums have charted in the Top 40 …

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Sir Terry Pratchett wins Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize

To celebrate his winning the 13th Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse award, the British fantasy author Terry Pratchett will have a pig named after his latest novel . The award, which is given to the book that best captures the “comic spirit” of PG Wodehouse, will be presented to Pratchett for his 39th Discworld novel Snuff. It …

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Happy Birthday Francis Rossi

Best known for being a co-founder of the English rock band Status Quo , British singer and Guitarist Francis  Rossi, OBE was born 29th May 1949. Status Quo were orignially called The Spectres & were founded by schoolboys Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster in 1962. After a number of lineup changes, the band became “The …

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Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher

English musician and singer-songwriter Noel Gallagher was born 29 May 1967. Formerly the lead guitarist, occasional lead singer and principal songwriter of the rock band Oasis. He is currently fronting his solo project, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Raised in Burnage, Manchester with Liam, Noel began learning guitar at the age of thirteen. After a …

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“…We skip the light fandango…”

Gary Brooker, Lead singer & musician with the band Procol Harum was born 29th May 1945. Procol Harum  formed in 1967, contributed to the development of progressive rock, and by extension, symphonic rock. Their best-known recording is their classic 1967 single “A Whiter Shade of Pale”. Although noted for its baroque and classical influence, Procol …

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