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John Carter

Directed by Jim Morris, I have recently watched this Thrilling adaptation based on the exciting series of Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It stars Taylor Kitch as a former confederate captain named John Carter who gets captured by the US Army during the American Civil war and after eventually managing to escape he hides out in a mysterious cave with strange spider-like markings etched on the walls and finds himself inexplicably transported to the planet of Barsoom (Mars).

Far from being the dead planet he imagined, he discovers that it is inhabited by many different beings, including the barbaric Tharks who capture him and take him prisoner, however he manages to gain there respect by clobbering a few of them and makes a friend in one of them Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe). Who asks his rebellious daughter Sola and her pet Woolla to guard him, he tries to escape from the Tharks, However they recapture him but are interrupted by an aeriel battle between the neighbouring forces of Zodanga and Helium and John manages save one of the passengers from the Helium Vessel, who turns out to be the Princess of Helium, Deja Thoris (Lynn Collins) who tells him that the various beings on the planet are at war with each other and she is due to marry the war mongering Sab Than (Dominic West)from the neighbouring city of Zodanga in an effort to save the city of Helium from destruction (and she is not happy about it at all).

To bring an end to the conflict John, Deja, Sola and Woolla decide to undertake a hazardous journey up the sacred River Iss to see if they can find answers and u. However this is fraught with danger and they soon find themselves under attack from the vicious Warhoons led by Mattai Shan (Mark Strong) and are taken to Zodanga, however Deja’s right hand man Kantos Kan (James Purefoy) tries to rescue him, Unfortunately this does not go well and fairly soon John and Tars Tarkas end up in the brutal hands of vile Thark warlord Tal Hajus and are forced to fight the vicious white apes in the arena. John and Tars Tarkas must try to escape the arena and Unite the forces of Thark and Helium against Zodanga and stop the evil schemes of Mattai Shan and Sab Than once and for all in order to bring peace to the planet…

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