A way to Improve Memory

A recent scientific study regarding how memories are formed, was carried out, in which Scientist told two short stories to some volunteers who were then told to remember as many details as possible. Immediately afterward, they were asked to describe what happened in the story.Then they were given a 10-minute delay that consisted either of wakeful resting or playing a spot-the-difference game on the computer.During the wakeful resting portion, participants were asked to just rest quietly with their eyes closed in a darkened room for 10 minutes while the experimenter left the room. They discovered that the volunteers who had a wakeful resting period were better able to recall the information  than those who played the computer game, afterwards.

Which suggests that instead of concentrating hard immediately afterwards or using fiddly ‘memory tricks’ such as associating new information with colours or objects, Simply taking a few minutes of ‘wakeful resting’ allows the information to sink in properly and that the key to remembering important facts is shutting out the world for a few minutes. They discovered that It works best with verbal information rather than numbers, which led them to the conclusion that memories are not formed as fast as people think, and having a short rest and blocking out external distractions gives the information time to be absorbed properly by the brain.

The research also demonstrates that activities that we are engaged in shortly after learning new information really affect how well we remember it and that there is growing evidence to suggest that the point at which we experience new information is ‘just at a very early stage of memory formation and that further neural processes have to occur after this stage for us to be able to remember this information at a later point in time.’ which is why you remember things better when you shut out all distractions upon learning some new piece of information.

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