Doctor Who – New Series starts soon

Being a big fan of both Withnail and I & Doctor Who, I was interested to read  The recent BBC announcement that the “Withnail and I” actor  Richard E Grant will star in Doctor Who Christmas special .The actor, most famous  for playing Withnail in the 1987 film Withnail and I will take a role in this year’s Christmas edition of Doctor Who , the BBC have announced.Richard E Grant said he was ‘honoured’ to be taking part in the episode. It will not be the first time he has been involved with the time-travelling eccentric. Grant played the Doctor in 2003 in the online animated series Scream of the Shalka.

The actor also performed as the Doctor in a Comic Relief sketch from 1996.Details of his role have not yet been released, but he will perform alongside Tom Ward, who, until recently starred as Harry Cunningham in Silent Witness.Matt Smith will be taking up his role as the current Doctor while the Christmas special will see the debut of his new assistant, played by  26-year-old actress Jenna-Louise Coleman who has been seen shooting what is believed to be her debut scenes as new assistant Clara  on location in Newport Wales,, and takes the place of the last assistant Amy Pond, who was played by Karen Gillan.

The Christmas episode will be written by Steven Moffat, who also oversees the Doctor Who series. The trailer for the most recent series is probably online somewhere and series seven will begin later this month. Also seen on set was guest star Tom Ward – best-known for his role in Silent Witness – who fitted in perfectly with his Victorian-style suit as well as Life On Mars actress Liz White and Stella star Catrin Stewart , who also got to work, reprising her role as Jenny. Neve McIntosh also returns as Madame Vastra the Silurian for the seventh series of the show, and Dan Starkey reprised the part of Sontaran commander Strax.  (I can just imagine Richard E.Grant creeping up behind Commander Strax and lodging a Camberwell Carrot in his Probic Vent or shouting “Scrubbers!” at a troop of passing Silurians, or going up to a Dalek and demanding to have some booze 😀

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