Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival Poetry Evening

Building on the success of the first poetry event in 2011, Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival hosted another Fantastic evening of poetry, rhyme, wit and insights at Costa on Wednesday 29 August 2012. Starting at 7pm it featured a fantastic line up of poets including compere for the evening Emma Purshouse, who headlined the event in 2011 and brought the house down with her upbeat and insightful performances,

This year Emma was joined by Birmingham’s Young Poet Laureate in 2007/8, Matt Windle, who is Known as “The poet with punch”, and uses his poetry with people all over the country in schools, libraries, prisons, foster homes, young offenders etc. He was also an Olympic Torchbearer for 2012 and is currently Birmingham’s Featherweight boxing champion.

Local poet and retired teacher Paul Francis who performed to huge applause in 2011, also made his way back from the distant lands of Much Wenlock for this years event. Paul keeps sane by writing different kinds of poems…comic, serious, rhymed, regular and political.

Fergus McGonigal brought his rapid and animated slam-winning poetry to Bridgnorth Music and Arts Festival. With exasperation as his muse, he is on a mission to ‘share the despair’.

Big Bilston Love Slams 2012 finalist, Lorna Meehan also performed Her poetry which ranges from shameless rants to uplifting insights. She is one of the Decadent Poetry Diva’s and has performed at various events and festivals over the country. Meehan is also an actress, theatre practitioner, frequent meditator and lover of jaffa cakes

In addition to the scheduled performances, there were also open mic slots which were included throughout the evening ranging from 1min – 3mins long The event finished at 9.15pm and raised money for Cameron’s Fund.

One thought on “Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival Poetry Evening

  1. The poetry evening at costa coffee is .an event my friends and I have really enjoyed for several years, and last year, unable to find out when and if it was happening, we appeared to have missed it. This year, 2014, determined not to repeat this, we have endeavoured to find the details, but without success, and we can only assume that it isn’t happening, which is a dreadful shame. It’s a sad loss to the festival.””


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