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Dr Who – Asylum of the Daleks

I ‘ve recently watched the opening episode of the latest series of Doctor Who “Asylum Of The Daleks”. Written by Stephen Moffat the episode opens on the Daleks home planet of Skaro, which has been Ravaged by centuries of warfare with the Thalls and the Time-Lords, and The Doctor (Matt Smith) finds himself lured there by a humanoid Dalek automaton, who teleports him to the Parliament of the Daleks. Where he meets Amy(Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) who have been similarly kidnapped from present-day earth.

Within the Parliament, The Supreme Dalek explains to them that the Daleks have a planet known as the Asylum, where they keep the most evil and twisted Daleks who have gone completely insane and cannot be controlled, however the Daleks were reluctant to get rid of them permanently, since destroying such pure hatred face-to-face would contravene their sense of ‘beauty’, and were reluctant to visit such a dangerous place anyway. So the trio find themselves reluctantly sent on a mission to help destroy the Asylum instead.

The Parliament has also received a transmission from a woman named Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who has been hiding on board a space-ship which crashed into the Asylum, and who has been keeping a low profile, hacking into Daleks, burning souffles and fending off attacks ever since. unfortunately The impact of the crash has ruptured the planet’s force-field, and their is a risk that the insane Daleks might escape and cause carnage. So The Doctor sets out to rescue Oswin before the the Asylum is destroyed.

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