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Doctor Who – A Town called Mercy

The latest exciting Doctor Who episode “A Town Called Mercy” was filmed at the Desert Of Tabernas in Almeria, Spain, which also provided the location for A Fistful Of Dollars, and For A Few Dollars More, and sees The Doctor (Matt Smith) Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) arrive in in a Wild West town called Mercy which is being terrorised by a Cyborg Gunslinger, who is clobbering anybody who is trying to get in or out of the town. (He reminds me of a Sheriff version of Robocop crossed with Yul Brynner in Westworld

The Doctor also meets an alien Doctor named Kahler Jex ( Adrian Scarborough)  who has a disturbing secret and is hiding out in the town, trying to make ammends. So The Doctor sets out to find out What the Gunslinger wants and finds himself faced with a difficult dilemma. The episode also featured Ben Browder from Farscape and Stargate SG1 & next weeks episode is called The Power Of Three.

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