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Muse – The Second Law

Muse’s latest album is called “The Second Law” and is named after the second law of thermodynamics, and as of Monday 24th September There is a live stream of the new album by Muse “The Second Law” on the Guardian Newspaper Website. I am a big fan of Muse, because they have always tried to develop their sound beyond that of the average rock group, and on the latest album, there are traces of dubstep bass amid the the band’s prog-fuelled stadium rock, as well as a soft-rock sound last heard on Queen’s A Kind of Magic and even a sampled foetal heartbeat taken from singer Bellamy’s then unborn son, there are other influences as wide-ranging as the Beach Boys to Fred Goodwin, the 12-bar blues to fatherhood. There are even some INXS and Electric Light Orchestra influences in there too. The first track from Muse’s sixth album “Unsustainable” hit the internet some time ago & The album’s first single is entitled “Madness”. The Guardian Newspaper will have a full review of the album later this week – plus an exclusive interview with the band in this Sunday’s Observer New Review. Unfortunately this stream does not appear to be available to users outside the UK, anyway I’ve had a listen and all the tracks sound great. Tracks on the album are:

Panic Station
Follow Me
Big Freeze
Save Me
Liquid State
The Second Law:Unsustainable
The Second Law: Isolated System

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