New Black Sabbath album due out soon

Heavy Metal band Black Sabbath are recording their first album with Ozzy Osbourne (the **** Prince of **** Darkness) since since 1978’s Never Say Die!.The new studio album is produced by Rick Rubin and is their first with original singer Ozzy Osbourne , and also featuring Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, the original guitarist and bass player. However the New record will not feature original drummer Bill Ward, due to a disagreement between Ward and the rest of the band which occurred after he was excluded from this summer’s headline show at this years Download festival.

When interviewed Ozzy Osbourne said f**** m****** f****** s******* s*** b******, meanwhile Guitarist Tommy Iommi added: “We’ve written the 15 songs and we’ve played them all, but now at the moment we’re recording them. We’re about six tracks in at the moment.”and the news that Black Sabbath have made it back into the studio will delight fans, given that earlier this year 64-year-old Iommi was diagnosed with early-stage lymphoma. Indeed, the band are throwing themselves into projects, and last week announced their first Australian shows since 1974. The new album is due for release in April 2013.

Today’s Birthdays

– English actor Nigel Havers, Born 6th November 1949
– English actress Thandie Newton, Born 6th November 1972
– Rebecca Romijn, American actress, Born 6th November 1972
– Nell McAndrew, British model, Born 6th November 1973
– Emma Stone, American actress, Born 6th November 1988

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