‘O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line.’

I would like to read ‘O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line.’, which contains An incredible set of historic photographs captured during the dying days of steam engines in the United States. The photos were all taken by photographer O. Winston Link and show the Norfolk and Western, America’s last major steam railroad, as it was switching its operations to diesel in the 1950s. Mr Link’s stunning shots also capture the industry before the triumph of the car and the airplane brought an era where railroads dominated passenger travel to an end.

The book includes more than 180 of the photographer’s most famous works as well as rare never-before-published images. The superb pictures also capture a small-town way of life that was about to experience massive shifts and, in many cases, disappear completely.Mr Link’s mostly black and white images offer a moving account of the people and communities surrounding the last steam railroad ever seen in the U.S.



  •  Imogen Thomas, Welsh reality TV star -Born November 29th 1982
  • Simon Amstell, English comedian and television presenter- Born November 29th 1979
  • Born November 29th 1976 – Anna Faris, American actress
  • Born November 29th 1973 – Ryan Giggs, Welsh footballer
  • Born November 29th 1971 – Gena Lee Nolin, American actress
  •  Joel Coen, American film director, producer, and writer – Born November 29th 1954

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