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Jimi Hendrix’s favourite guitar sells for £250,000

One of the most famous rock ‘n’ roll guitars – that was so good Jimi Hendrix couldn’t bring himself to burn it – recently sold for almost £250,000. Music memorabilia fans lined up at the Playboy Club in Park Lane, London recently to bid on Hendrix’ iconic favourite Black Fender Stratocaster which he played for most of the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967.

However he swapped it during the final song to a hand-painted Fender Stratocaster and told the crowd that he was going to sacrifice something for them that he “really loved”. He actually holds up the guitar to the crowd during the opening feedback intro of the song to show off the hand-painted customised finish on the guitar. before dousing it in lighter fluid as a stunt to mark the end of his set and setting it on fire, and this has since become one of the most iconic images in rock history and is one of only two occasions when Hendrix burns guitars – the one at the Astoria and the one at Monterey.

Hendrix, had been originally been planning on smashing up a guitar at the end of his set at the 1967 concert in California.But having seen Pete Townsend of The Who shove the neck of his guitar into an amplifier earlier on at the festival, he felt he had to go one better. Mr Wright, who was also a roadie for The Animals, said: ‘The Who went on before Hendrix and Townshend smashed his guitar up and put the neck into the amp. Jimi was annoyed at this and asked for some lighter fuel. He just wanted to outdo Pete Townshend.

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