Having enjoyed the both the film and novel “Headhunters” by Jo Nesbø, I decided to get the DVD of Jackpot, which is released on Monday 7th January and is based on the novel of the same name by Norway’s leading crime writer, Jo Nesbø. This exciting, playful and bloody black comedy features a group of scruffy young men, all of whom have criminal backgrounds. Oscar Svendsen (Kyrre Hellum), Thor (Mads Ousdal), Billy (Arthur Berning) and Tresko (Andreas Cappelen), who work at a factory in the middle of nowhere making plastic Christmas trees and spend the wages betting on soccer. Suddenly Everything starts looking up for them after a big win on the football pools and they find themselves 1,739,361 kroner richer.

However what follows is a a bloody story of mayhem, greed and madness, which culminates in Svendsen winding up, terrified and bloodied; a shotgun in his hands, at what was once a respectable strip joint (Now there’s a contradiction in terms) near Svinesund, Sweden, surrounded by eight dead bodies, and police detective Solør, who has a gun aimed at his chest. Solør is immediately suspicious and convinced of Svendsen’s guilt, but Oscar persistently denies any wrongdoing, and Reluctantly starts relating the incredible story of four men who won top prize in a soccer pool and how it all went “Pear-shaped” for them when they started getting greedy.

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