Jackpot-Poster-FinalI’ve recently watched this Exciting black-comedy crime thriller again. Based on the novel of the same name by Norway’s leading crime writer, Jo Nesbø, it starts when  a young chap named Oscar Svendsen (Kyrre Hellum) is found terrified and bloodied;  at what was once a respectable strip joint (Now there’s a contradiction in terms) near Svinesund, Sweden, with a shotgun in his hands, surrounded by eight dead bodies, and police detective Solør, who has a gun aimed at his chest.


Despite Oscar persistently denying any wrongdoing Solør is immediately suspicious and convinced of Svendsen’s guilt, So Oscar Reluctantly starts relating the incredible story of a how him and his mates Oscar Svendsen (Kyrre Hellum), Thor (Mads Ousdal), Billy (Arthur Berning) and Tresko (Andreas Cappelen), who all work at a factory in the middle of nowhere making plastic Christmas tree, and have  criminal backgrounds,   Suddenly find themselves 1,739,361 kroner richer after a big win on the football pools, and how things started to go wrong when  greed and avrice rear their ugly heads & they decide not to share the money and start double-crossing each other,  culminating in a bloody shoot-out.





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