KM-C KM-sepulchreHaving read Kate Mosse’s internationally bestselling novels Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel, I would like to watch the lavish two-part TV adaptation based on Kate Mosse’s novel Labyrinth which has been made by Ridley Scott’s production company, Scott Free and is being screeened during Easter 2013. Part of the story is set in Medieval Carcasonne during 1209 on the night before a brutal civil crusade to rid the land of Cathars and concerns a young woman named Alais (Jessica Brown Findlay) who works as a healer and herbalist and finds a dead man in the river with his thumb cut off. Anais then finds herself custodian of the mysterious Book of Words, Although she cannot understand the symbols and diagrams the book contains, Alais finds out that the book could reveal the location of The Holy Grail itself and knows her destiny lies in protecting their secret, at all costs,

Meanwhile back in modern day Languedoc an amatuer Archeologist named Alice Tanner (Vanessa Kirby) discovers two skeletons during an archaeological dig in a mysterious cave which has strange symbols drawn on the walls and contains a Ring. She begins to suspect that that she has unearthed a link with a horrific and brutal past. But it’s not just the sight of the shattered bones that makes her uneasy; there’s an overwhelming sense of evil in the tomb that Alice finds hard to shake off. Puzzled by the             words carved inside the chamber, Alice has an uneasy feeling that she has disturbed something which was meant to remain hidden and finds herself drawn into a conspiricy involving an age old mystery concerning The location of the Book of Words and the Holy Grail…

Kirby also recently starred alongside Douglas Booth and Gillian Anderson. in Great Expectations and is also the love interest “Nicole” in gritty but heart-warming British indie movie, The Rise – Rowan Athale’s feature film debut, formerly known as Wasteland, which is about to be released in the UK later this year and centes on four young guys on an estate in Leeds who plan a heist; headed up by Luke Treadaway (Attack the Block, currently in the stage version of A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), with Iwan Rheon (Simon in Misfits), Gerard Kearns (Ian in Shameless) and Matthew Lewis (Neville in Harry Potter).

Kirby also starred in The Acid Test, written by Royal Court wunderkind Anya Reiss, when he was only 18. This hilarious tale is about a trio of girls in their twenties, who are unsure of what they’re doing with their lives (aside from getting determinedly drunk). She also stars as Rachel McAdams’s brash best friend. Kirby has also been cast as Queen Isabella in a production of Marlowe’s Edward II at the National Theatre during September 2013.

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