The Hobbit

hbbitI have recently watched Peter Jacksons film adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien novel The Hobbit a number of times over the past few weeks. Great film although There are no extras on the DVD so I suspect they are saving them for the boxed set. The film starts with a bit of back story concerning the dwarf King Thror who is ruler of the fabulously wealthy kingdom of Erabor situated inside the Lonely Mountain, who live peacefully alongside the elf realm of Mirkwood ruled by King Thranduil (LEe Pace) and the human settlement of Dale until an evil dragon named Smaug decides he wants  the  treasure and clobbers most of the Dwarfs whilst King Thranduil stands by and watches without helping.

Sixty years later Thror’s GRandson Thorin (Richard Armitage) decides to try and retaket Erabor with the hellp of a company of thirteen dwarfs including Dwalin (Graham MCTavish) Balin (KEn Stott) BIfur (William KIrcher)Bofur JAMES nesbitt)  BOmbur (Stephen Hunter) Meanwhile the other dwarf realm of Moria isalso attacked by goblins leading by thevillainous Azog the defiler ( Manu Bennett) Thror is tragically kiled defending Erabor and his son Thrain mysteriously vanishes, over come with grief, so Thrain’s son Thorin decides to recapture the dwarf realm of Erabor. Thrain is later found languishing in the jails of the sinister fortress of Dol Guldur having been captured bya villainous character known as theNecromamcer whose sinister activities are of great concern to Saruman the wizard (ChristopherLee) Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) Radagast the brown and the elves LordElond (HugoWeaving) and Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) who discuss who he really is and what to do about him  before finding out the truth, deciding to confront him and try and put a stop to his villainous schemes..

So THORIN Oakenshield leads a company of dwarfs plus the wizard Gandalf and the hobbbit BilboBaggins (Martin Freeman) on a perilous journey to oreclaim Erabor from theclutches of the dragon Smaug. Along the way they face many perils  including a trio ofhungry trolls, hordesof nasty goblins led bythe goblin king (Barry Humphries)warg riders led by the villainous AZog the defiler,  The crafty schemes of a certain ring bearer named Gollum who seems very keeen to eatBilbo andsome very large spiders as well as imprisonment by the elves of Mirkwood forest, led by Thranduil. Meanwhile word gets out  of theirplan and armies of wood elves from Mirkwood, led by Thranduil, men from Dale and Hordes of goblin from the Misty mountains led by Azog start to amass and decide that they would also like a share of the treasure


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