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Iron Man Three

I would like to go and see Iron man 3 which once again features Robert Downey jnr as millionnaire philanthrpist Tony Stark, who has decided to build several Iron man suits since the events in The Avengers.  Meanwhile his scientist paramour Doctor Mya Hansen, who is played by Rebecca Hall has created a new medical treatment called Extremis along with a chap named Aldrich Killian and areseeking Tony Stark s financial backing for his emdeavor Advanced IdeaMechanics which is designed to help people with serious Iinjuroes recover all of their formr abilities.

Mean while  a spate of bombings by a terrorist known as The MAndarin (Bwn Kingsley) has the authorities baffled  so Tony Stark decides tto investigate after Stark Industries Security Cheif Happy Hogan finds himself caught up in one of the explosions, so  Tony  issues an ultimatum for The Mandarin to cease and desist or else. However Stark then ffinds his own home under attack instead and after further investigation he ends up in rural Tennessee where he learns of an explosion locally which bears all the hallmarks of an attack by TheMandarin and  discovers an experimental treatment called The Extremis program which is designed to help people with serious Iinjuries recover all of their former abilities unfortunately it has a few rather alarming side effects in some cases and could even cause spontaneous combustion. Naturally this little nugget of information is covered up, and of course once Tony Stark learns the truth Extremis Agents try to clobber him.

Stark then learns that Killian is developing the extremis treatemnt to cure his on degenerative disability andafter infiltrating The Mandarin’s secret hideout in Miami he discovers that he isnot who he appears to be either. Things then take a turn for the worse when Killian kidnaps Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and injects her with the Extremis Treatment and then lures Iron Patriot into a trap in order to steal the armour and then kidnap the Prssident. So Iron Man (Tony Stark) and Iron Patriot (Jamss Rhodes) Decide to unite to stop Killians villainous schemes and rescue Pepper Potts.


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Primal Scream – More Light

I would like to listen to thenewalbum by Primal Scream which is is their 10th album and will be released via their own independent label First International on 6th May 2013.Released Five yearsafter their last album, 2008′s Beautiful Futurewhich Featured Lovefoxxx, Josh Homme and Linda Thompson, Iit The new album features Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and has been co-produced by Dave Holmes, who also produced 2000′s sonic blitzkrieg XTRMNTR. The title of the first single is 2013, which deals with problems in our culture which features the jangle of acoustic guitars, interspersed by some skyscraping guitar work from Kevin Shields together with sudden bursts of Brass. and here is the track listing


River of Pain


Tenement kid

Invisible city

Goodbye Johnny


Elimination Blues

Turn each Other Inside out


Walking with the beast

It’s Alright, It’s okay

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Star Trek into Darkness

I enjoyed the last J.JAbrahams directed Star Trek film and I would like to go and see The eagerly anticipated Star Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, which is once again Directed by JJ Abrams and arrives at Cinemas soon. It  stars Christopher Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve, Zoe Saldana and Simon Pegg and Judging by The trailer the film looks like a much darker sequel to the 2009 film, showing apocalyptic battle scenes and all-out action.

It starts When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, where they find that an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Soon a game of cat and mouse ensues between a  ruthless character (Benedict Cumberbatch) who has a personal score to settle, and Captain Kirk (Christopher Pine) resulting in large-scale destruction as Kirk  tries to stop him before he destroys the lives of the Enterprise crew & the organisation from within.  The film and trailer are already being compared favourably to Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, and some have also noted that the film posters are arguably similar too.

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Bridgnorth May Fayre

Today,6th May 2013 is May Bank Holiday Monday, and the Annual Bridgnorth May Fair takes place From 10:00am-4:00pm? Free to enter, and including Food stalls selling a wide variety of Home Made produce, including Fudge, Sweets, Cakes, Jams, Honey, Preserves & Pickles, there  also Arts & Craft stalls selling Home Made Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Lacework, Hand knitted Items including clothing, Home made Beer & Wine stalls (My personal favourite lol) and a Plant Sale selling aawide goodvariety of potted plants, Dried Flower Arrangements and gardening tools & Accessories. There arealso many Children’s activities including a Merry-Go-Round, Bouncy Castle, Coconut Shy, Skittles, and a Punch and Judy show. Fortunately the weather is really nice so I may go down to the Severn Valley Railway afterwards and have a few drinks, or possibly go down tovthe riverside.

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Tribute to L.Frank Baum

Best known for writing “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, the American author Lyman “L.” Frank Baum sadly passed away on this day 6th May in 1919. He was born on May 15, in 1856. and also wrote thirteen novel sequels, nine other fantasy novels, and a host of other works (55 novels in total, plus four “lost” novels, 82 short stories, over 200 poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings), and made numerous attempts to bring his works to the stage and screen.Baum was born in Chittenango, New York, in 1856, and grew up on his parents’ expansive estate, Rose Lawn. AAs a young child, he was tutored at home with his siblings, but at the age of 12, he was sent to study at Peekskill Military Academy, and after two utterly miserable years he was allowed to return home.

Baum started writing at an early age and His father bought him a cheap printing press; which, with the help of his younger brother Henry (Harry) Clay Baum, he used to produce The Rose Lawn Home Journal. The brothers published several issues of the journal, Baum also established a second amateur journal, The Stamp Collector, he also printed  “Baum’s Complete Stamp Dealers”  Directory, and started a stamp dealership with friends. At the age of 20, Baum started breeding fancy poultry, and specialized in raising a particular breed of fowl, the Hamburg. In March 1880 he established a monthly trade journal, The Poultry Record, and in 1886, he published his first book: The Book of the Hamburgs: A Brief Treatise upon the Mating, Rearing, and Management of the Different Varieties of Hamburgs.Baum, then became interested in theatre, performing under the stage names of Louis F. Baum and George Brooks. In 1880, his father built him a theatre in Richburg, New York, and he set about writing plays and gathering a company to act in them. The Maid of Arran, a melodrama with songs based on William Black’s novel A Princess of Thule, proved a modest success. Baum not only wrote the play but composed songs for it and also acted in the leading role. His aunt was also the founder of Syracuse Oratory School, and Baum advertised his services in her catalog to teach theatre, including stage business, playwriting, directing, and translating, revision, and operettas.On November 9, 1882, Baum married Maud Gage, and in July 1888 they moved to Aberdeen, Dakota, where he opened a store, “Baum’s Bazaar” and later editing a local newspaper, The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer, where he wrote a column, “Our Landlady”. Baum’s description of Kansas in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is based on his experiences in drought-ridden South Dakota. After Baum’s newspaper failed in 1891, he, Maud and their four sons moved to Humboldt Park, Chicago, where Baum took a job reporting for the Evening Post. In 1897 he wrote and published Mother Goose in Prose, a collection of Mother Goose rhymes written as prose stories, which was illustrated by Maxfield Parrish.

Then In 1899 Baum partnered with illustrator W. W. Denslow, to publish Father Goose, which was a collection of nonsense poetry, which became the best-selling children’s book of the year.In 1900, Baum and Denslow  published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to much critical acclaim and financial success, and this became the  best-selling children’s book for two years after its initial publication. Baum went on to write thirteen more novels based on the places and people of the Land of Oz.Two years after Wizard’s publication, Baum and Denslow teamed up with composer Paul Tietjens and director Julian Mitchell to produce a musical stage version of the book under Fred R. Hamlin, which, opened in Chicago in 1902, then ran on Broadway for 293 stage nights from January to October 1903. It returned to Broadway in 1904, where it played from March to May and again from November to December. It successfully toured the United States with much of the same cast, until 1911, it differed considerably from the book, and was aimed primarily at adults.Baum then wrote a sequel, The Woggle-Bug,however the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman were omitted from this adaptation. He later  worked on a musical version of Ozma of Oz, which eventually became The Tik-Tok Man Of Oz. This did fairly well in Los Angeles, and also began a stage version of The Patchwork Girl of Oz. Baum also wrote several plays for various celebrations. and In 1914, after moving to Hollywood, Baum started his own film production company, The Oz Film Manufacturing Company.

Many times during the development of the Oz series, Baum declared that he had written his last Oz book and devoted himself to other works of fantasy fiction based in other magical lands,  However, persuaded by popular demand, letters from children, and the failure of his new books, he returned to the series each time.Sadly on May 6th 1919 L Frank Baum  passed away after having a stroke, nine days short of his 63rd birthday. He was buried in Glendale’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. His final Oz book, Glinda of Oz, was published on July 10, 1920, a year after his death. The Oz series was continued long after his death by other authors, notably Ruth Plumly Thompson, who wrote an additional nineteen Oz books. his other works also remained popular after his death, with The Master Key appearing on St. Nicholas Magazine’s survey of readers’ favorite books well into the 1920s. His novels also predicted such century-later commonplaces as television, laptop computers (The Master Key), wireless telephones (Tik-Tok of Oz), women in high risk, action-heavy occupations (Mary Louise in the Country), and the ubiquity of advertising on clothing (Aunt Jane’s Nieces at Work), and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz series of books remains popular to this day.