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The Impossible

imagesI have recently watched the DVD of the film The Impossible again. Starriing Ewan McGregor  and Naomi Watts this heart wrenching and at times horrific film, is based on the true-life story of a Spanish family , and their three children who are spending their Christmas vacation at a tropical paradise resort in Thailand, until their idyllic vacation takes a terrifying turn for the worse on the morning of December 26, 2004, when a devastating tsunami sweeps across the Indian Ocean devastating south-east Asia, and killing 230,000 people. During the ensuing chaos The family are seperated and begin a desperate search to find each other amid the chaos and destruction of a vast, shattered landscape.

Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona from a screenplay written by Sergio G. Sánchez, The film eschews a more panoramic view of the disaster in favour of a more gritty realistic view of the family’s frightening journey from start to finish, putting the viewer right in the moment at every stage by using authentic locations and tsunami survivors to make it more realistic and hammer home the reality of this tragedy, The most frightening scene is the epic re-creation of the catastrophic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.It has been described as one of the best films of the year and premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festivale on September 9, where it received critical acclaim. The film was released on October 11, 2012 in Spain and in North America on December 21, 2012. However The events are still fresh in many peoples memories and when The Trailer was aired before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Some National Newspapers reported that British survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami were “horrified” and felt “ambushed” with some being reduced to tears by the film’s trailer. Consequently TSUNAMI SUPPORT UK, a support group for survivors of the tsunami, lobbied to have the trailer screened with a warning notice beforehand.

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