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ways in which some people try to impress others

Here ar some ways people try to appear more intelligent than they really are in order to impress others, I would add incessant name dropping to the list and using unneccesarily long words, over-complicated sentences,  management speak or trendy buzzwords constantly – They have a place to express things but using them constantly is a bit wearing

  • Saying you prefer opera or classical music to pop music
  • Saying you don’t like football
  • Repeating someone else’s joke as your own
  • Going to an art gallery and posting about it
  • Listening to classical music in front of others
  • Reading a ‘serious’ tome on the beach
  • Re-tweeting a clever tweet
  • Talking loudly about politics in front of others
  • Reading an intellectual magazine on public transport
  • Sharing an academic article on Facebook
  • Pretending to know about wine
  • Wearing glasses with clear lenses
  • Mentioning an opera you’d seen
  • Pretending to like jazz
  • Tagging yourself at an exhibition
  • Referencing a Booker Prizewinning novel

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