Red Mist

patricia_cornwell_red_mistI am currently reading the Gripping and suspenseful Patricia Cornwell  novel Red Mist, which features chief medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta, who is on a quest to find out exactly what happened to her former deputy chief, Jack Fielding, who was murdered six months before ,(I’m guessing he probably died unless he reappears suddenly and turns out to be immortal). 😀

So against the advice of her FBI criminal intelligence agent husband, Benton Wesley, Scarpetta drives to the Georgia Prison for Women to meet a convicted sex offender and the mother of a vicious and diabolically brilliant killer, who may have information not only on Fielding, but also on a string of grisly killings. and Scarpetta, it transpires, has both personal and professional reasons to learn more about a string of grisly killings: the murder of a Savannah family years earlier and, a young woman on death row, so she decides to hear this woman out

Then when more inexplicable deaths begin to occur at a breathtaking pace. Scarpetta, Driven by inner forces, discovers   that what she thought ended with Fielding’s death and the attempt on her own life is only the beginning and discovers conspiracies and terrorism on an international scale