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Pacific Rim

The film begins in 2013 Deep bneath the Pacific Oean, a fissure opens up, that leads to another dimension.Through the fissure, a giant monster appears, which destrys portions of San Francisco. After man hours and countless lives, the creatue is defeated.However, more creatures begin to come through the fissure, attacking coastal cities arond the Pacific. The World unites to stop the invaders, an build TheJaeger Program: a series ofgiant mechanical ‘monsters,’ intended to stop the ceatures.Original tests to have one pilot per Jaeger proves unsuccessful, as the test subjects were not able to handle the stress and strain. It was then decided that each Jaeger would be piloted by two people, their memories linked together in The Drift, synchronizing their movements to pilot the massive machines.As the Jaegers go to work, they begin to turn the tides, and take down the creatures (known as Kaiju). Pretty soon, the world is enthralled by the Jegers and their pilots. They become celebrities, and even have merchandise made. As well, the dead Kaiju are soon seen as a black-market commodity, their parts sold off for various collections and medicinal purposes.But just as the battle seems to be turning, the Kaiju’s attacks become more brutal. seven years after the fissure opened up, one of th more famous Jaeger duos, is Raleigh Beckett (Charlie Hunnam), and his older brother, Yancy (Diego Klattenhoff). Pilots of the Jaeger named “Gypsy Danger,” they are sent off to stop a Kaiju heading towards Anchorage. which severely damages the Jaeger, traumatised by the attack, Raleigh leaves the Jaeger Program, and goes to find work wherever he can.

Seven years later, Beckett is working along the Western coast of the United States, helping build a giant wall that is meant to keep the Kaiju out and in the 7 years since Raleigh was with the Jaeger program, numerous countries have called for the program to be terminated, assuming that building the walls will make them safe, however the head of the program Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba), claims that the World’s Leaders are making a terrible mistake and says the program is still viable, even so it is relocated to Hong Kong, and given 8 months of funding, before being termimated.

Back on the West Coast, Raleigh continues to work on the wall, when television reports that a Kaiju has broken through the wall surrounding Sydney Harbor in Australia and is intercepted by the Jaeger  Striker Eureka. Soon.After seeing the news report, Raleigh finds himself being flown to a secret Base (known as ‘The Shatterdome’), where he meets Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), who tells Raleigh that she has studied  how to be a Jaeger pilot, Pentecost also introduces Raleigh to two scientist  named Dr Newton Geiszler (Charlie Day), who is an obsessive ‘Kaiju Fanboy,’ who studies the creatures through salvaged organs and other parts. The other is Dr Gottlieb (Burn Gorman), who is a more ‘practical’ man, and is using his mathematical skills to try and pinpoint the frequency of creatures coming through the ocean rift.Within the Shatterdome, the last remaining Jaegers and their crews have also been assembled: The Crimson Typhoon (from China), Cherno Alpha (from the Ukraine), Striker Eureka (fresh from its stint in Australia), and (to Raleigh’s surprise) Gypsy Danger.

Raleigh requests that Mako help him co-pilot Gypsy Danger, but is refused at first by Pentecost however he reluctantly agrees when the situation becomes increasingly desperate. Professor Gottlieb discovers that the number of Kaiju coming up through the rift is increasing. Geiszler meanwhile, wonders if they can learn more about the Kaiju, if they are able to make a neural connection with its brain and find out what their plans are, his research takes him to Hong Kong where he meets a man named Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman), however they are interrupted when two more  Kaiju’s appear, so Pentecost sends out  Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha and Striker Eureka to  clobber them. This does not go quite to plan so , and the Jaegers and Kaiju battle it out in Hong Kong. Pentecost explains that are formulating a plan which if successful could prevent any further Kaiju from coming through the fissure…However Raliegh refuses because he has already agreed  to do a sequel (I made that last bit up lol).