The Key by Simon Toyne

168765593I am currently readingThe Key by Simon Toyne, the intensely gripping, spinechilling and exciting novel which continues days After the events portrayed in Sanctus (the first novel of the trilogy), and finds American journalist Liv Adamsen lying in isolation in hospital with no explicit memory of what she saw insidincreased the ancient Citadel of Ruin. So she decides is wo find out the secret of the Citadel, Despite her inability to recall her past, something strange is stirring within her. She feels possessed by a sensation she can’t name and plagued by whisper only she can hear: “KuShiKaam,” the key. To others the meaning is clear and she could hold the key to one of history’s most powerful secrets. For the brotherhood of monks in the Citadel—now cursed by a terrible plague—her return to Turkey may be the only way to ensure their survival. And for a powerful faction in Vatican City, her very existence threatens the success of a desperate plan to save the church from ruin

Meanwhile she begins to suspect that she is being pursued by mysterious factions, some of whom will do anything to preserve the mystery, including a mercenary operating in the Syrian Desert,  known only as “the Ghost,”  who she believes might be trying to kill her. So she turns to the only person she can trust—a foundation worker named Gabriel Mann. Together they must evade capture and journey to the place where all life began. From New York to Rome to the deserts of the Middle East, in a race to uncover a revelation  dating from the creation of man  which could put the world in terrible danger


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