Silence will fall…

Time-Of-The-Doctor-3 l have Watched The exciting Christmas Episode of Doctor Who , entitled Time of The Doctor which Sees The massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species including The Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels and Silence,  drawn to a planet where A mysterious message ‘Is being transmitted Out to the stars and the Doctor (matt Smith) and Clara (Jenna Coleman ) ‘must find out what this enigmatic signal means for the fate of the universe.”

The Doctor and Clara are invited on board the first ship to arrive at the scene — the Church of the Papal Mainframe, a space church headed by Mother Superious Tasha Lem, (Orla Brady) an old acquaintance of the Doctor. Tasha states that the Church has secured the planet with a force field and that the message instills fear into all who have heard it, then asks the Doctor to explore .On arriving, they find a town called Christmas that is surrounded by a truth field that prevents anyone from telling a lie. The message’s origin is quickly identified as a crack in reality in the church tower; this crack is “scar tissue” from the cracks originally closed when the Doctor rebooted the universe (“The Big Bang”). The language  ‘is Identified as Gallifreyan and translates  as : “Doctor who?” (the ‘first question’ in “The Wedding of River Song”), repeating endlessly.  He discovers that the Time Lords, are using the crack in the universe and calling to him for help, from the pocket universe in which Gallifrey was trapped (“The Day of the Doctor”), from which they wish to escape. However, if they escaped this would also trigger a renewal of the Time War as the alien species gathered above descend to destroy them, and Tasha states this will not be allowed to happen.

The Doctor then discovers he is on the planet”Trenzalore”, where  he will one day die (“The Name of the Doctor”). Then Clara gets transported home while the Doctor remains on Trenzalore for 300 years defendIng the planet from  the aliens overhead, creating a stalemate where he cannot leave without sacrificing his home planet and its people. The Doctor reveals  that he has already used all of his twelve possible regenerations, once his incarnation who fought in the Time War (War Doctor) and the Tenth Doctor’s aborted regeneration (“Journey’s End”) are counted. He is therefore in his final body and can no longer regenerate, and is instead visibly aging.

During a further visit to the Papal Mainframe now the Church of the Silence he discovers that during this protracted stalemate, a chapter of the Church broke away (see Madame Kovarian) and tried to avert these events by killing off the Doctor in the past: by destroying his TARDIS (“The Big Bang”) and engineering River Song as a child to kill him (“A Good Man Goes to War”). Additionally, Tasha and her crew have been taken over by Dalek consciousnesses, converting them into Dalek puppets, aallowing the Daleks to regain their memories of the Doctor (lost since “Asylum of the Daleks”) & mass above Trenzalore ready for war. As the centuries pass, most of the races depart or are destroyed and the Doctor ages, leaving only the Silence (with whom the Doctor puts aside his differences and allies himself) and the Daleks. Meanwhile  Clara returns to Trenzalore, “and meets with the now old and frail Doctor at the point when the Daleks finally win control of the town, so the Doctor goes out to face the Daleks in a final stand-off. Clara, meanwhile begs the Time Lords to  Intervene…

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