A long walk home by Judith Tebbutt

A Long Walk Home by Judith Tebbutt is a Powerful, moving and at times quite devastating novel , Which has been newly released in paperback and Telegraph readers can claim the novel for just £2.99 at participating WHSmith High Street and Travel stores. The novel Is about the harrowing experiences of  Judith Tebbutt and her husband David Who went on an adventurous holiday to Kenya in September 2011, After a joyous week on safari in the Masai Mara, they flew on to a beach resort forty kilometres south of Somalia. lt was here that  life changed forever for Judith when during the early hours of 11 September, tragedy struck & Judith’s  husband David  was murdered,  by a band of armed pirates, who then dragged Judith  over sea and land to a village in the arid heart of lawless Somalia, and held her hostage in a squalid room, a ransom on her head.Where She was forced to endure enforced isolation and near starvation at their hands for 192 days.

 A Long Walk Home is Judith Tebbutt’s story in her own words. It is a memoir of the life she shared with her beloved husband, and Is an unflinching account of the ordeal that overturned her world & describes this horrific experience and how she managed to survive in a squalid room with a large ransom over her head,

Judith learned that the responsibility of securing her release now rested with her son Ollie. With a tremendous amount of faith in her son, Judith resolved she would survive, doing everything she could to make her captors see her as a real human being. A powerful and unflinching account of this awful time, this book is about about loss and survival and is a testament to Inner resilience and the importance of familial love that sustained her through captivity.



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