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Doctor Who – The Seeds of Doom

The first exciting episode of The Doctor Who story The Seeds of Doom was broadcast on 31January 1976. It starts off  In Antarctica, where British scientists Charles Winlett and Derek Moberley discover a pod buried in the permafrost, and take it back to their camp, where Stevenson, the base botanist identifies it as vegetable-based and estimates it has been buried in the ice for some twenty thousand years. Richard Dunbar of the World Ecology Bureau shows theDoctor photographs  of the pod and he examines the pictures and believes it to be extraterrestrial. He tells Dunbar to contact the expedition. Back at the base, the pod starts growing . In England, Dunbar visits millionaire Harrison Chase who collects plants and considers it his mission to protect the plant life of Earth. Dunbar shows him pictures of the pod, its possible extraterrestrial origin and that it could be a valuable specimen so Chase calls for one of his men, Scorby, telling him to take Keeler along.At the base, Winlett is attacked when A frond-like tentacle whips out and stings his armq. When Stevenson and Moberley find him, Winlett’s face is covered with green hives. The Doctor and Sarah arrive at the base. In the sickbay, Winlett’s body temperature and pulse are dropping rapidly. His face and body are now covered with a green fungus, and its growth is accelerating. The Doctor asks for a blood test on Winlett and examines the remains. Outside the base, the Doctor uncovers another pod. Noting that the pods travel in pairs, the Doctors transfers it to the base freezer. On analysis, Winlett’s blood is found to contain schizophytes instead of blood – microscopic organisms akin to plant bacteria. The Doctor tells Sarah that Winlett is turning into a Krynoid, a kind of galactic weed that settles on planets and eats the animal life.
when The Doctor leaves to check on Winlett, he is attacked by the now mutated Winlett who has Transformed into a Krynoid which escapes and takes shelter in the outside generator hut. Scorby and Keeler  steal the remaining pod and decide to blow up the base and escape in their plane. The Doctor and the others get free, but are attacked by the Krynoid, which kills Stevenson. The Doctor and Sarah flee the base as the bomb Explodes, and after Regaining consciousness in the snow, the Doctor and Sarah are rescued. Meanwhile, Scorby and Keeler return to Chase in England with the second pod.  At the meeting, Dunbar arranges for the Doctor to go to the Botanic Institute and the Doctor and Sarah Jane also visit Amelia Ducat, one of the world’s leading flower artists.  Chase and Keeler (who is also a botanist)decide to experiment on the pod and inject it with fixed nitrogen. Dunbar calls Chase and tells him that the Doctor and Sarah escaped and may be trying to sneak into the mansion, however they are spotted by Scorby, who capture them. The Doctor and Sarah are brought before Chase and, the Doctor asks Chase grimly to hand over the pod. Chase refuses: He has the greatest collection of plants in the world, and when the pod flowers, it will be his crowning achievement, Chase decides to show the Doctor and Sarah around the mansion, and his plant laboratory. Keeler notes that the pod is growing, so Chase tells Keeler to inject more nitrogen into the pod. Scorby escorts the Doctor and Sarah into the gardens to kill them, but they manage to escape and warn Sir Colin. However, Sarah gets captured again. The Doctor makes his way back into the mansion and watches horrified as Chase starts using Sarah Jane as part of his experiment with the Krynoid. The Doctor rescues Sarah and in the confusion, a frond from the pod stings Keeler’s arm. Keeler begs Chase to get him to a hospital, but Chase is more fascinated with the transformative process than saving Keeler’s life. So Chase and Hargreaves take Keeler to the nearby cottage Instead.

When the Doctor returns to the empty laboratory, he is captured by Scorby and a guard, meanwhile Amelia Ducat arrives demanding her money and Sarah enters the cottage, seeing Keeler, who has begun Transforming into a Krynoid So She escapes back to the house and while in hiding, asks AmeliaDucat to take a message to Sir Colin. so, Ducat relays SarahJane’s message to Sir Colin And Dunbar,  who realising he has made a terrible mistake, says he will go in and get the Doctor. He tells Sir Colin that, if he does not return in half an hour, to return to London and call UNIT. Sarah  the Doctor. Hargreaves finds that Keeler has now almost completed his transformation, and runs in a panic as the creature frees itself. In the mansion, Dunbar pleads with Chase to abandon the experiment as Hargreaves reports Keeler’s transformation to Chase. Dunbar says that this has gone far enough, and he is going to get help. Chase tells Scorby to stop him. Scorby pursues Dunbar through the grounds meanwhile Keeler Disappears The Doctor leaves to search for the Krynoid. which is now far larger than the Winlett creature was, and no longer even humanoid. Dunbar is clobbered by the Krynoid and thecommotion  attract the attention of Scorby and the guards as well as the Doctor and Sarah, who manage to escape to a cottage and barricade themselves in. The Krynoid speaks using Keeler’s voice, demanding that the Doctor come out and join it. Scorby is more than willing to give up the Doctor until Sarah Jane points out that without the Doctor they have no chance of defeating the Krynoid.

Scorby throws an improvised bomb out an upstairs window and the Doctor makes a run for it. The Krynoid pursues him but the Doctor escapes in the limousine, leaving the Krynoid behind. Scorby tries to find Chase and Hargreaves and they begin barricading the windows in preparation for the Krynoid’s attack. Chase makes his way through the grounds and confronts the Krynoid. The Doctor arrives at the Bureau as Major Beresford warns he can’t do anything without evidence. The Doctor warns the Krynoid can channel its power through other plants, turning vegetation against humans. He shows them a series of reports of deaths of people near Chase’s estates being killed by plants. He then calls Sarah Jane and tells them Beresford is preparing to attack the Krynoid, but the Krynoid cuts the phone wires. Chase arrives and tells them that it’s the plants’ world, and humans are only parasites, so Scorby, Sarah Jane, and Hargreaves go in to confront Chase and he speaks of how the world will be made perfect. They can’t get through to him as he talks about how he is one with the plants and animals are the enemy. Sarah Jane notices that the plants are closing in on them. The Doctor and a UNIT soldier drive onto the grounds while the plants overwhelm Sarah Jane and the others and start to strangle them.

The Doctor and a UNIT soldier, arrive with chemical plant-killer. They dispose of the plants, saving Scorby and Sarah Jane while the older Hargreaves is dead. Chase runs away and the Doctor and the others make their way into the lab and start removing the plants. But once they’re outside Chase locks the door behind them and they can only gaze in horror as the now enormous Krynoid towers over them. UNIT soldiers arrive and open fire. The Doctor believes that Chase is possessed by the Krynoid and decides to eliminate him., Chase and the others eventually return to the laboratory while the Krynoid tries to break its way in. Scorby starts to panic and wants to run, but the Doctor warns him that every plant on the grounds is under the Krynoid’s control. Meanwhile, Chase puts Henderson in the compost machine, killing him. when the Krynoid renews its attack Scorby panics and makes a run for it, which does not go well. Then The Doctor and Sarah Jane realize that Henderson is also missing so she goes to find him and is confronted by a mutated Chase who explains he’s become part of the plant world thanks to the Krynoid and refers to humanity as parasites, before attacking Sarah Jane. Beresford contacts the Doctor, who warns they have 15 minutes until the Krynoid germinates, spreading its seeds across England. The Doctor tells them to launch an air strike before it’s too late. Chase decides to Dispose of Sarah Jane by feeding her into the compost machine luckily The Doctor arrives and tries to rescue her, but Chase turns the machine back on and Attacks him. Meanwhile The RAF arrive as Beresford and Sir Colin desperately look for any signs of the Doctor and Sarah Jane who are trapped inside trying to avoid being composted and escape past the Krynoid covering the house…

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