Great British Locomotives

Being fascinated by Steam Engines and living near the Severn Valley Railway, I have developed a taste for Steam Locomtives. so I have decided I would like to get Great British Locomotives which builds into an encyclopaedia detailing the histories, development and specifications of many well known British Locomotives. Starting from the the development of early locomotive from pioneers like Trevithick and Stephenson, to the heyday of British Steam, the Big Four, Nationalisation and up to the dawn of the Diesel Electric Locomotives and beyond.

Over the years I have seen many of these locomotives in the metal at various Steam Galas, but sadly I haven’t been able to get down there lately, so I think I must be getting withdrawal symptoms, lol. Anyway Each issue comes out fortnightly and features precision built 00-gauge models of a famous locomotive plus a Free set of DVD’s if you subscribe. Having looked at the prices It May get expensive and the money you spend could be used to visit Dai Woodham’s and buy a full size locomotive and restore that instead, lol. AnywayLocomotives featured in the series include.

  • LNER 4492 4-6-2 A4 Pacific class “Mallard”
  • LNER Gresley 4472 4-6-2 A3 pacific Class “Flying Scotsman”
  • LMS Stanier 4-6-2 Duchess Pacific Coronation class
  • Southern Railways “Schools Class” “Stowe”
  • Churchward GWR 2-8-0 2800 goods class
  • LMS Stanier 4-6-2 Stanier 5mt “Black Five” class
  • midland Railway Compound  locomotive no1000
  • Stephenson’s Rocket
  • GWR no 3442/3717 4-4-0 City of Truro
  • Gresley 2-6-0 k3 Mogul class “the Great Marquess”
  • West Country 4-6-2 Pacific class
  • LMS Fowler 0-6-0t 3mt “Jinty”

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