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Solo by William Boyd

imageOver the past few months The Telegraph in collaboration with WHSmith has been offering some great novels for less than the normal price and This week’s choice is the latest exciting James Bond novel Solo by William Boyd, who was chosen by the Fleming Estate to write the latest Bond Novel.

The novel takes place in1969 and finds seasoned 007 veteran Bond sent on a mission to the small West African country of Zanzarim to bring A speedy end to the civil war, which has seen the delta region of the country split to form the Democratic Republic of Dahum. Before leaving for the Africa, Bond visits Gabriel Adeka—the rebel leader’s brother—who runs AfriKIN, a London-based charity who send aid to Dahumni children. On his arrival in Zanzarim, Bond is aided by a local agent Efua Blessing Ogilvy-Grant. However The two are attacked and taken captive by Kobus Breed, a mercenary assisting the rebels, soon after Ogilvy-Grant goes missing in the confusion, while Bond escapes and manages to locate Solomon Adeka, Gabriel Adeka’s brother, and sees supply flights of arms and equipment coming into the country, all funded by billionaire Hulbert Linck; whose aircraft all display the AfriKIN name on the fuselage. Bond is then attacked by Breed and Ogilvy Grant But is saved by a journalist he befriended and returns to the UK,

After recovering in hospital he defies orders and decides to go back and clobber Breed and Ogilvy-Grant. Discovering AfriKIN has relocated to Washington DC, Bond travels to the US and tracks down both of them at the AfriKIN offices. While conducting surveillance against the company, Bond is briefly detained by Brigham Leiter—nephew of Felix—of the CIA, who explains Ogilvy-Grant also works for the CIA, The following day Bond watches a mercy flight bringing in maimed and injured Zanzarimi children and discovers that Ogilvy-Grant is dead. Bond infiltrates the house where Breed and the children are staying and discovers that the children are being used as drug mules to smuggle raw heroin into the country and Discovers that in the mean time Gabriel has been killed and all the rights to Solomon Adeka Oil Rich lands have been signed over to Hubert Linck because Solomon is no longer deemed fit. so he sets off to deal with Linck and Kobus Breed.

Readers can claim the book for just £2.99 (RRP £7.99) with the Telegraph in any WHSmith High Street or Travel store between Thursday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 21, or by bringing in one of the printed vouchers published in the paper on Thursday, May 15 or Saturday, May 17, which are valid until 21 May and can be redeemed at WHSmith High Street and travel stores and selected hospital stores.

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