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Murray Walker

Semi-retired Formula One motorsport commentator and journalist Murray Walker, OBE who was born 10th October 1923. For most of his Formula One Commentating career he worked for the BBC, but when it lost the contract for F1 coverage to the company ITV, Walker continued his commentating after the change of broadcaster.He has a distinctive, enthusiastic commentary style. Since 1978, British television commentary of the Formula 1 seasons has been used by other broadcasters right around the world, including Australia and Japan. He was an exponent of the commentator’s curse, noting in an interview that he might say how well a driver was racing or that they would probably win the race, only to have them retire or crash out of the race shortly thereafter, hence his catchphrase “…Unless I’m very much mistaken…” which might lead shortly after to a correction “…And I am very much mistaken…” to introduce the correction of the foregoing comment if it turned out in the event to be incorrect.

He is known for his gentlemanly and considerate conduct, seeing the best in drivers who had attracted controversy. He rarely criticised drivers and preferred to give the benefit of the doubt in attributing blame for incidents. One example of this was during the 1994 Australian Grand Prix where, following the controversial crash between Michael Schumacher and Walker’s close friend Damon Hill which decided the World Drivers’ Championship in the German’s favor, Walker, unlike his fellow commentators at the time, most notably former 500cc Motorcycle World Champion Barry Sheene, declined to blame Schumacher outright for the crash.

Here are some of Murray Walker’s best quotes:“

  • It’s raining and the track is wet”
  • “He is shedding buckets of adrenalin in that car”
  • “With half the race gone, there is half the race still to go”
  • “Anything happens in Grand Prix racing and it usually does”
  • “Do my eyes deceive me, or is Senna’s Lotus sounding rough ?”
  • “As you look at the first four, the significant thing is that Alboreto is 5th”
  • “Senna is 3rd with Mansell 2nd and Piquet 3rd!”“This will be Williams’ first win since the last time a Williams won.”
  • “You can’t see Alesi’s Ferrari because it isn’t there!”
  • “You might not think that’s cricket, and it’s not, it’s motor racing”
  • ……..and Schumacher has just completed lap 77 out of 73.”
  • “..and Micheal Schumacher is leading Micheal Schumacher”And Michael Schumacher is actually in a very good position. He is in last place.
  • “There is nothing wrong with the car except that it is on fire.
  • “A sad ending, albeit a happy one”
  • “So this being Michael Schumacher’s 10th race in his 151st year in F1″
  • “There are 7 winners of the Monaco Grand prix on the starting line today and four of them are Michael Schumacher
  • Fantastic!! There are four different cars filling the first four places!!“Senna 1st, Prost 2nd and Berger 3rd that makes up the top four!”
  • “Here at Brands Hatch Will Gollop has a clear lead over Will Gollop
    -Murray: There’s a fiery glow coming from the back of the Ferrari
    – James: No Murray, that’s his rear safety light
  • Murrary: “What’s that? There’s a BODY on the track!!!
    -James: “Um, I think that that is a piece of BODY-WORK, from someone’s car.
  • Murray (To Damon Hill)): When did you realise that you had a puncture,Damon?
    – Damon Hill: When my tyre went down, Murray!“
  • And Michael is lapping about two seconds a lap slower than his brother Michael.” (when M Schumacher was about to lap R Schumacher).
  • “Frentzen is taking, er…, reducing that gap between himself and Frentzen.
  • ”Michael has moved up to the position that..that…that…the other one isn’t“
  • Two McLarens on the first row of the grid, two Ferarri’s on the first row of the grid…”
  • “Jenson Button is in the top ten, in eleventh position.
  • ”When Pedro Diniz’s Sauber caught fire ” Fire! Fire!, Diniz in the oven”
  • “…and HERE COMES DAMON HILL IN THE WILLIAMS!!!!…..this car is absolutely unique!….except for the one behind it….which is exactly the same…”

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