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SimpleMinds -Big Music

Lately I have been listening to Simple Minds latest album Big Music, which was released Monday 3 November. So far Simple Minds have released 16 albums and the latest album has been co-written by Chvrches man Iain Cook. It combines the recognisable Simple Minds sound with a contemporary edge, combining huge synth lines with similarly gargantuan drums giving it an epic sound, whilst being bang up to date.

Opener Blindfolded sums up what they seem to be aiming for on Big Music: epic songwriting. Everything is over the top, from the name of the album and Kerr’s lyrics to a sonic palate that screams arena tour. The OTT approach works, as well, with the first three songs (Blindfolded, Midnight Walking, Honest Town) sounding like great pop. Imagination and Concrete and Cherry Blossom both sound like typical Simple Minds songs with added Synthesizers, while Let the Day begin reminds me of Waterfront and Spirited Away is another great song .

  • blindfolded
  • Midnight Walking
  • honest Town
  • Big Music
  • Human
  • Blood Diamonds
  • Let the Day Begin
  • Concrete and Cherry Blossom
  • Imagination
  • Kill or Cure
  • Broken Glass Park
  • Spirited Away

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