Doctor Who – Earthshock

I’ve recently watched the classic Doctor Who episode Earthshock which begins with Paleantologist Professor Kyle sending a group of explorers into a cave system to look for fossils, who are all clobbered by something mysterious. Meanwhile the TARDIS arrives on Earth in its future an lands nearby and the Doctor (Peter Davison) and, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) explore. Adric also states his intention to return to his home planet Terradon. While exploring the caves they are caught by a group of soldiers led by Lieutenant Scott who accuses the group of killing the rest of Professor Kyle’s exploration team while they were searching the caves for fossils.

The Doctor convinces Scott of his innocence and they find the bodies of Kyle’s team, along with an odd metal hatch. As they investigate the hatch they too come under attack but manage to escape before discovering a powerful bomb that could destroy the planet. So the Doctor orders Nyssa and Tegan to return everyone to safety while he and Adric deactivate it. In the TARDIS the Doctor traces the signal to activate the bomb back to its source, a freighter spaceship which is on it’s way to Earth. So the Doctor and company Board the Freighter however the Doctor and Adric are detained by the freighter’s security forces and accused of being stowaways and killing other crew members and taken to Captain Briggs(Beryl Reid)

Meanwhile evil alien beings which have been stowing Away in the freighter’s containers, start overrunning the ship, and begin an assault towards the Bridge. Which is defended by Tegan, Kyle, Scott, and his men. however they are double-crossed by Ringway, Briggs’ security officer who has been working as a double agent for the dreaded Cybermen!

During the ensuing battle Kyle is killed and Tegan is captured. The Cyber-Leader then reveals a dastardly plan to wipe out Earth while several visiting dignitaries are present for an interstellar alliance conference,but this is foiled by theDoctor so he decides to crash the Space Freighter into the Earth instead, with its anti-matter engines causing similar devastation. So The Cybermen set the Space freighter on a high-speed collision course with Earth and lock the freighter’s navigation controls to prevent tampering. Then The Cyber-Leader, forces the Doctor to take them to the TARDIS to escape the doomed ship, leaving Adric, Briggs, and other crewmen behind, Scott then arrives to help Adric and Briggs, so Adric attempts to decode the encryption to deactivate the lock, unfortunately this causes the freighter to jump in time, ending up approximately 65 million years ago.

Luckily Briggs, Scott, and the remaining crew escape the ship but Adric is still aboard the space freighter as it hurtles towards Earth. Then the Cyber-Leader attempts to kill the TARDIS crew but they defeat the remaining Cybermen, beforeThe Doctor tries to pilot the TARDIS back to the bridge to rescue Adric before it is too late Unfortunately a damaged Cyberman intervenes with tragic consequences

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