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Vengeance on Varos

I have recently watched the classic Doctor Who episode Vengeance on Varos in which The Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri(Nicola Bryant) are forced to land on the planet Varos after their latest encounter with the Cybermen leaves the TARDIS damaged, and look for a rare element Zeiton-7 with which to repair it. They discover that Varos is an oppressive, brutal police state led by the Governor (Martin Jarvis) and The Galatron Mining Corporation’s villainous and greedy representative Sil (Nabil Shaban), Who is holding the planet to ransom by controlling the planet’s supply of Zeiton-7. They learn that voting is mandatory and torture and executions are televised regularly to keep the population in line.

They find themselves inside Varos’s Punishment Dome where they rescue a rebel leader named Jondar who is due to be executed, and meet his wife Areta shortly after. Sadly though they are discovered and Peri and Areta are captured and questioned by the Governor, while The Doctor and Jondar are captured by Quillam, Varos’s Chief scientist. The Governor decrees that the Doctor and Jondar are to be executed, while Peri and Areta are to be subjected to undergo horrific scientific experiments at the hands of Quillam and his cell mutator. However The Doctor manage to escape and tries to bargain unsuccessfully with Quillam to help the people of Varos overcome the current oppressive regime, sadly Quillam refuses.

Elsewhere The Chief Officer and Sil draw up plans to invade Varos and take control of the universe’s supply of Zeiton-7 by force, unless their terms are met by the Governor. Meanwhile the Doctor, Jondar, and Areta exit the city while the Governor and Peri are rescued by a guard named Maldek who dislikes the current situation and is sympathetic to their cause. Whilst exiting the city they narrowly escape death at the hands of cannibals, deadly plant life, The Chief officer and Quillam. The Governor refuses to give in to Sil’s greedy demands so Sil and the Chief Officer decide to take Varos by force. However thanks to an unexpected discovery this does not go as planned…

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