The Charlatans – Modern Nature

imageI have been listening to The Charlatans 12th studio album Modern Nature which was released January 26 2015. It contains 11-songs and was released in a variety of formats, including a coloured vinyl release that includes four bonus tracks.

It contains: airy, melodic, Hammond organ-heavy, sizably funky, upbeat songs, like So Oh and ‘Let The Good Times Be Never Ending’, which is dedicated to ex-drummer Jon Brookes, who tragically died in 2013, as well as The pop groove of ‘Wonderland’ and the contemplative (‘Keep Enough’, ‘Emilie’). It also pays tribute to their ‘60s and ‘70s roots with soul strings, bongos and Latino acoustics. ‘Come Home Baby’ is glorious and ‘Lean On’ reminds me of the 1992 single ‘Weirdo’, while The songs ‘Talking Tones’ and ‘Trouble Understanding’ contain modern beats.

Talking in Tones
So Oh
Come Home Baby
keep Enough
In the Tall Grass
Let the Good Times be Never Ending
I Need You to Know
Lean In
Trouble Understanding
Lot To Say

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