Lovely Way To Burn by Louise Welsh

imageI would like to read Lovely way to Burn by Louise Welsh. This entertaining, gripping psychological thriller Is the first part of the Plague Times trilogy by Louise Welsh, the author of the the acclaimed chillers The Cutting Room and The Girl on the Stairs. This tense and sometimes scary psychological crime thriller is set in a dystopian London which is in the grip of an incurable plague, and is on the brink of collapse with civilisation rapidly disintegrating, which rapidly turns into a major crisis.

It features a strong central character named Stephanie (Stevie)Flint who works for a TV shopping channel. She starts dating Dr Simon Sharkey, who unfortunately is later discovered dead and, although it seems that he died naturally, Stevie is not convinced. Then she suddenly becomes ill and spends several days in her flat before she recovers.

Once she recovers, she finds the world outside has changed forever – a pandemic known as “the Sweats” is sweeping the globe and panic is everywhere. In London, disorder reigns and gangs of men roam the streets while women hide in fear. However it seems that Stevie has both caught, and recovered, from it. She is then visited by Simon’s cousin, and finds that he has left something for her which may have got him killed and put her in danger, so she investigates and learns about Simon’s childhood, personal life and scandals in medical research, Whilst trying to discover the truth…

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