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Yulia Volkova (t.A.T.u) Neposedi

Russian singer, recording artist and actress Yulia Olegovna Volkova (Russian: Юлия Олеговна Волкова was born 20 February 1985. In Moscow, Russian SFSR At the age of 6, Volkova enrolled in music school and began learning how to play the piano. When she was 9, Volkova became a member of Russia’s children’s chorus Neposedi, where she later meet fellow t.A.T.u. singer, Lena Katina. At the age 11, Volkova transferred to a school fostering artistic talent, and three years later left Neposedi to join t.A.T.u. She has insisted that she was banned from Neposedi for misbehaving, but Neposedi representatives deny this, saying that she simply graduated as all of their members did at a certain age. Creator and former-manager of t.A.T.u., Ivan Shapovalov came up with the image of t.A.T.u. As school-girl lesbians,to appeal to a diverse fan base.

t.A.T.u. soon became the most successful Russian group, with hits including “All the Things She Said”, “Not Gonna Get Us” and “All About Us”. They also took part in Eurovision Song Contest 2003 and finished third with “Ne Ver’, Ne Boysia.” They recorded three English-language studio albums: 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane,Dangerous and Moving, and Waste Management. Three Russian language studio albums were put out: 200 po Vstrechnoy, Lyudi Invalidy, and Vesyoyle Ulybki. However it was announced in March 2011 that t.A.T.u. was officially disbanded. The duo celebrated their twelve years together, and released two remix albums entitled Waste Management Remixes pt. 1 andWaste Management Remixes pt. 2. It was announced they were the last albums together, as they would both would pursue solo careers.

However, in 2010 the duo released a video in which they said they were still together and were planning more songs. Confusingly It was also announced that after the production of t.A.T.u.’s album Waste Management, t.A.T.u. would no longer be a full-time project and it was later announced that Julia and Lena would both be working on solo careers. Julia is currently working on her solo album inMoscow and Los Angeles. Julia has said that she has introduced a new genre entitled “Sex Rock”. As Julia explained “I’m not going to go from t.A.T.u. style to R&B, I like rock. It’s going to be sexy, electric, but I don’t want to give away all the secrets just yet. Yulias debut album, is entitled “All Because Of You/Sdvinu Mir”, and the Russian version was released 2011

In 2012,  Volkova was one of the 25 artists in the Russian final selection who would be competing in order to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan, together with Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan as a duo with the song “Back To Her Future”. They finished in second place behind the winning entry, “Party for Everybody” by Buranovskiye Babushki. It was announced that Volkova is finishing her second single from the album entitled “Didn’t Wanna Do It,” and in  2012  Volkova released two music videos, for “I Didn’t Wanna Do It” and “Back To Her Future” (Russian version “Lyubov-Suka” with Dima Bilan). She also recorded a song with Sergio Galoyan titled “Night Of Your Life.” Galoyan released on YouTube the original demo of the track, and asked people to remix it.

T.A.T.u then reunited for a performance at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi amid rumours of a reunion and a new song. Sadly though No sooner had Lena Katina and Julia Volkova reunited as t.A.T.u. than they just as quickly broke up…again! Alas, according to Lena, it was not meant to be for version 2.0 of the “All The Things She Said” singers. they have also cancelled the t.A.T.u. promo tour in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Minsk (Belarus) and Moscow.” Reasons for the breakup were cited as incorrect behavior from Julia’s side, making any future collaboration absolutely impossible. including many crude and hurtful statements made about Lena and an ultimatum: in which Yulia declined to participate in t.A.T.u. unlessLena agreed to Yulia’s demands regarding the creative direction of t.A.T.u.

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