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The Doctor Who episode Earthshock was first broadcast from 8 March to 16 March 1982 starring Peter Davison and was the final regular appearance of Matthew Waterhouse as the Doctor’s companion Adric. When the TARDIS arrives on Earth in the future, Adric decides he wants to return to his home planet Terradon, As the group explores a series of caves, they are caught by Lieutenant Scott and his men and accused of killing the rest of Professor Kyle’s exploration team who have all died in mysterious circumstances as they were searching the caves for fossils. The Doctor helps Sott find the bodies of Kyle’s team, along with an odd metal hatch.

However it is not long before the rest of Scott’s force encounter the real culprits, who are undetectable by the humans’ equipment. Then The Doctor discovers a mysterious hatch and After opening it he  discovers a powerful bomb which could destroy the planet, so he and Adric try to disarm it. Back in the TARDIS the Doctor traces the bombs detonator signal to a freighter spaceship outside the Solar system and decides to investigate the ship however the Doctor and Adric are discovered by the freighter’s security forces led by Captain Briggs  and accused of being stowaways.Unfortunately This becomes the least of there problems when they discover Villainous Cybermen, hiding in one of the freighter’s containers who are intent on taking control of the ship and it’s not long before all hell breaks loose.

Despite The  freighter crew, along with Tegan, Kyle, Scott, and his men, fighting valiantly, their defences are foiled by Ringway, Briggs’ security officer is in fact working for the Cybermen. Kyle is killed in the battle and Tegan is captured. The Cyber-Leader reveals a dastardly plan to wipe out much of the planet while several visiting dignitaries are present for an interstellar alliance conference, however, should that fail he also has a backup plan involving crashing the freighter into the Earth, hoping its anti-matter engines provides similar devastation. So The Cybermen set the freighter on a high-speed collision course with Earth locking the navigation controls, sadly travelling faster than light Speed has an unusual effect on the ship. Meanwhile the the Doctor is forced by the Cyber Leader to take them to the TARDIS and leave Adric, Briggs, and other crewmen behind. EventuallyThe other crewmen manage to escape, however Adric stays behind determined to beat the lock and regain control of the ship and prevent it from crashing into Earth before it’s too late. Meanwhile the the TARDIS crew’s attempt to rescue Adric is somewhat hampered by the Cyber-Leader leading to tragedy…..

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