Seasick Steve – Sonic Soul Surfer

Having enjoyed You can’t teach an old dog New Ticks, Walking Man and Hubcap Music by Seasick Steve, I thought I would listen to Sonic Soul Surfer, his seventh studio album, which was released 23 March 2015. It is the follow up to the 2013 Album Hubcap Music and contains a healthy mix of country, boogie, rock, foot stomping deep south rhythm and  blues and slower paced ballads. He is Accompanied on the album by Dan Magnusson on drums, Luther Dickinson on slide guitar, Georgina Leach on fiddle and Ben Miller on the Jew’s harp). In this album he draws on songs from his travelling past (and even channels Seth Lakeman at one point).

1. “Roy’s Gang”
2. “Bring It On”
3. “Dog Gonna Play”
4. “In Peaceful Dreams”
5. “Summertime Boy”
6. “Swamp Dog”
7. “Sonic Soul Boogie”
8. “Right On Time”
9. “Barracuda ’68”
10. “We Be Moving”
11. “Your Name”
12. “Heart Full of Scars”
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks

13. “Don’t Ask Me”
14. “Baby Please Don’t Go
15. “Man’s Best Friend”
16. “Silver Dagger”

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