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Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo

imageI would like to read Jo Nesbo’s latest suspenseful crime thriller Blood on Snow which features drugs. Death. Murder. Revenge and is released 9 April 2015. It has more of a Noir feel to it than the Harry Hole Series and pays tribute to Spaghetti Westerns, Hard-boiled Crime stories and gangster movies. it has been described as Nesbø’s own “pulp fiction”, because It’s both a tribute to the simple, hard-boiled narrative style from the old days, and also has parallels with Quentin Tarantino films

It features an Oslo based hitman and Fixer named Olav, not the kind who gets rich footballers into the right nightclubs, or brings them pizzas in the middle of the night, but the kind who fixes people…for good. It is a lonely profession, and Olav finds himself with two big problems, after he meets somebody who could be the love of his life, however she happens to be his boss’s wife and Olav has been instructed to terminate her.

Warner Bros has also opted to make a film adaptation of Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo (writing as Tom Johansen). Nesbo will be an executive producer on the film and Leonardo DiCaprio will co-produce and may also act in the film. As well as writing two books as Tom Johansen – Blood on Snow and Blood on Snow 2: More Blood – Jo Nesbo plans to use his alter ego as a character in a third book, which will come out under the Jo Nesbo by-line, but Tom Johansen will appear in the book, which will be called The Kidnapping and Tom Johansen will be the character kidnapped in the story.

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