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Alibi by Joseph Kanon

I am currently reading the gripping Hammett Prize winning thriller Alibi by Joseph Kanon. Part Murder mystery and part love story, the novel is set in1946, and tells the story of Adam Miller, a recently demobilised US Army war Crimes Investigator, who has come to Venice to visit his expatriate widowed mother and try to forget the horrors he has witnessed in Germany. In Venice Miller meets and falls in love with Claudia, a beautiful Italian Jewish woman who is scarred by her devastating experiences in prison camp during World War II.

Adam is soon forced to confront another Venice, a city still at war with itself, haunted by atrocities it would rather forget when it transpires that Everyone, including Claudia and his mother’s suave new Venetian suitor, has been compromised by the occupation. Then when Venice’s troubled past erupts into violence and somebody is murdered, he finds himself at the center of a web of deception, murky morality, intrigue, and unexpected moral dilemmas and is forced to ask himself, when is murder acceptable? What are the limits of guilt and question How much is someone willing to pay for a perfect Alibi?

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