Genesis of the Daleks

I have been watching the classic Doctor Who story Genesis of the Daleks which is one of my favourite stories. It explores the origin of the Daleks who are intentionally modelled on the Nazis, it also introducese the Daleks’ creator Davros, played by Michael Wisher. The Daleks and explores the themes of Genesis and the moral issues that come with time travelling and genocide. Itstarts when, the Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) are dispatched unwillingly by the Time Lords, to the Daleks’ home planet Skaro. Here they find find a war-torn wasteland, where a generational war of attrition between the Thals and the Kaleds for dominance of the planet has laid waste to its surface and ecology. Doctor and Harry become separated from Sarah who encounters the Mutos, exiled descendants of those mutated by chemical weapons used early in the war, they are captured by Thals. Sarah attempts to lead an escape by climbing out of the rocket silo.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Harry are captured by General Ravon, leader of the opposing Kaled army, and Security Commander Nyder, and the Doctor witnesses a demonstration by the Kaleds greatest scientist Davros of his “Mark III travel machine”, which he later dubs as a “Dalek”. The Doctor learns of Davros’ sinister experiments which he thinks are immoral, evil, and unethical. So He promises to stop Davros and help The other Kaleds escape. Mogran and other Kaled Councillors, agree to halt Davros’ experiments. However, Davros discovers this through Nyder’s spies; and sends some Daleks and provides the Thals with a chemical weapon to clobber the Kaleds with explosive results. Luckily The Doctor, Harry and Sarah manage to escape the carnage. Davros then declares the Kaled race dead, giving birth to the Daleks and executes Ronson. The Daleks are then sent to the Thal dome to exterminate everyone inside. During the chaos the Doctor, Sarah, Harry and the Thal and Mutos survivors return to the Kaled bunker and the Thals and Mutos to try to destroy it however they are captured by Davros.

However The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry are freed by another scientist, who tells them that Davros has agreed to stop his research but wants to call a vote. While Davros pleads his case, fighting breaks out between the remaining Kaled elite who are split between Davros and Garmen and Davros uses the Daleks to kill those against him. The Doctor and his companions have the opportunity to destroy all the unborn Daleks, but he faces a crisis of conscience. They then learn that the Thals and Mutos intend to detonate the kaled Bunker anyway. So The Doctor, Sarah, and Harry escape rapidly. Meanwhile, the Daleks kill everyone except Davros in the Kaled bunker and start the production line against Davros’ wishes, announcing that they are the superior race and will dominate the universe…

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