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Runaway by Peter May

imageI would like to read the entertaining Mystery thriller Runaway by Peter May. The novel begins in 1965, When teenage schoolboy Jack Mackay is expelled from school, so he decides to run away to London. He tells his friends, the other four members of the band he plays in, and they decide to go with him – partly to get away from problems in their own lives, and partly to seek fame and fortune In swinging 1960’s London – the place to be for all aspiring musicians, So they go on an eventful road-trip to London.

Along the way, the boys rescue Maurie’s cousin from her drug-dealing boyfriend and she becomes one of the gang as they finally arrive in London and start looking round for the streets paved with gold. And at first, when they are given lodgings and a job by a man who promises them a chance to cut a demo disc, it looks as though they have landed on their feet. But it’s not long before things go wrong and start to spiral out of control and they find themselves manipulated and used, and caught up in events they can’t control Culminating in murder.

Fifty years on, one of the band members, Maurie, now terminally ill with cancer, reveals that the person everyone thought was the killer was innocent, and that he knows who really did it and that his whole life since has been affected by the things that happened back then. So He persuades Jack and Dave, the two remaining band members still living in Glasgow, to go back with him to London. So the men take a nostalgic trip back to London to put things right and get some kind of resolution and even redemption.

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