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The Revenant

I would like to watch The grueling and visceral American Western Adventure Epic The Revenant directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and Mark L. Smith. It is based in part on Michael Punke’s The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge, the film is inspired by the experiences of frontiersman and fur trapper Hugh Glass. Set in 1823 Montana and South Dakota the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Glass, and co-stars Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, and Domhnall Gleeson.The Revenant has won three Golden Globe Awards, and has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards, the most for the ceremony, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (DiCaprio) and Best Supporting Actor (Hardy).

It features a group of hunters and trappers who are hunting for pelts in the harsh unforgiving wilderness of the Louisiana Purchase under the command of Captain Andrew Henry. Sadly they are ambushed by Arikara tribesmen, but Some of the hunters manage to escape from the attacking Arikara on one of their rafts, salvaging as much as they can. Unfortunately Hugh Glass, one of the experienced hunters, is separated from the group during the attack and is almost fatally mauled by a mother grizzly bear who is protecting her cubs. Although Glass escapes he nearly dies and the hunting party can only provide rudimentary medical care. The party takes the wounded Glass with them, however he slows their progress so One of the members, John Fitzgerald, suggests killing him so they can move faster, however Henry cannot bring himself to kill Glass so instead he suggests two boys (Jim Bridger and Glass’ son Hawk) stay behind with Glass while hey get help. Fitzgerald also volunteers to stay but tries to kill Glass and Hawk.

Eventually Henry, Fitzgerald, Bridger and the other survivors return to their dilapidated barracks outpost, and Fitzgerald lies to Henry concerning the events surrounding Glass and Hawk and receives a reward. Meanwhile, Glass regains consciousness and tries to returns home but is attacked by hostile Arikara, whose Chief is looking for his kidnapped daughter, Powaqa. He survives a close encounter and is rescued by a Pawnee who treats his wounds and gives him shelter. Sadly though The Pawnee is killed by a group of French traders camped nearby but Glass stops them attacking Powaqa, allowing her escape on foot. Glass also manages to escape by stealing a horse but has another run- in with hostile Arikaras which he only just manages to escape by jumping off a cliff.

Back at the outpost, a desperate lone Frenchman is found carrying Glass’ canteen. so they organize a search party to find Hawk and discover Glass alive. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald, flees with the outpost’s money before Glass can confront him and discredit his heroics. So Glass suggest that he and Henry locate and bring Fitzgerald back dead or alive…

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