Private Sydney by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox

I would like to read Private Sydney by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox, the 10th book in Patterson’s “Private” series. The novel starts When Jack Morgan, CEO of the world wide Private Investigations group, rings his top man at Private Sydney, Craig Gisto and asks him to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Eric Moss, the CEO of the research company, Contigo Valley who according to his daughter Eliza, mysteriously vanished. However Eric’s partner insists nothing is wrong and that he had received an official resignation letter from Morgan. So Craig and his team search for the elusive Moss, However all traces of him seem to have been erased as if he had never existed


Elsewhere Gisto meets a couple asking that the agency do a background check on a potential surrogate mother who has agreed to bear a child for them. Unfortunately the child is kidnapped and Craig Gisto and the Private Sydney team are asked to investigate the disappearance. Then To make matters worse the couple who had been to see Craig and ask for his help also vanish.Gisto soon finds himself the wrong side of Australian law, which prohibits the sale of surrogate services.

Meanwhile Efforts to conduct any investigation of the CEO’s disappearance from the company headquarters are constantly hampered and run into stonewalling by the new boss, who clearly had no love for Eric Moss and further efforts to discover his whereabouts lead only to dead ends (both figuratively and literally). Craig Gisto also soon discovers that sticking to his investigative principals could destroy the stellar reputation of Private Sydney and even jeopardize the future of the agency….

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