Solitude Creek by Jeffrey Deaver

I would like to read Solitude Creek by Jeffrey Deaver. The fourth electrifying thriller featuring Brilliant California Bureau of Investigation Agent Kathryn Dance, who finds herself demoted back to rookie after making a mistake and losing her gun during an interrogation gone bad.

While making routine insurance checks she examines a roadhouse fire at a small concert venue on the Monterey Peninsula during which a dozen people die and numerous others are injured and finds inconsistencies. She learns that The Fire alarm was raised and panicked people ran for the doors, only to find them blocked and also discovers there was no fire and the evidence at the club points to something more than a tragic accident and that the stampede may have been caused intentionally.

Dance is a highly trained expert in body language: her most deadly weapon is her instinct, and She isn’t going to let protocol stop her doing everything in her power to take down the perpetrator, a man obsessed with turning people’s own fears and greed into weapons, who may have more attacks planned. So She and her team face a race against the clock to find where he will strike next and stop him before more innocent people die.

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