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Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

imageI am a big fan of Linwood Barclay and I would like to read Broken Promise The first in a new series by Linwood Barclay. It features widowed journalist David Harwood, a single Father who is going through a tough time, and is forced through circumstance to live with his ageing parents, after giving up a good job with the Boston Globe to spend quality time with his young son. This means moving in, at least temporarily, from the city to his sleepy, faded hometown of Promise Falls. He secures a job at the small local newspaper only to have it fold on his first day.

Meanwhile Marla his mentally disturbed cousin is also going through more than a few personal tragedies, she recently lost her baby, and decided to head to the hospital to grab a handy replacement. Fortunately, her mother runs the hospital, and quietly managed to sweep that little incident under the rug. David’s mother asks him to look in on her and drop off some food as part of a Care Package. However he makes an alarming discovery when he finds her there with a baby in hand, which she says was dropped off by an angel. However there appears to be blood on the door and Marla has a previous conviction for trying to steal a baby from the Hospital.

Naturally David is concerned, so after a little bit of digging he finds that the real mother, Rosemary Gaynor, was stabbed to death across town and the current whereabouts of her baby unknown and Marla finds herself in a world of trouble, despite this overwhelming evidence David just can’t believe that his cousin is a Murderer. Elsewhere an obese, doughnut noshing cop is alerted to a bizarre sight by the ousted mayor of the town. Seemingly unrelated, these two separate events portend more strange and lethal happenings. A virtual Pandora’s box is opened and the price of closing it is blood.

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