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Truth or Die by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

imageI would also like to read Truth or Die, a Stand-alone thriller by James Patterson and Howard Roughan. It features former (as in disbarred) New York attorney Trevor Mann who lost his license to practice for betraying the confidence of a client as the result of an act of conscience. Now reduced to the still-noble but less glamorous occupation of law school professorship, he is dating a winsome reporter named Claire Parker, an investigative journalist who goes all out to get a story.

However tragedy strikes and his world shatters when Claire is shot dead in a mugging. However the circumstances point to something more calculated than a random attack. Claire was a New York Times journalist and Trevor is convinced she had unearthed a secret so shocking that she was murdered to keep it from coming to light. So Chasing Claire’s leads, Trevor initially picks up where Claire left off risking everything to discover why she was killed without knowing what she was working on.

Then Trevor encounters a 17-year-old boy named Owen Lewis, who is on the run and in fear for his life. Owen was working on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease but instead found that his discovery was being used as a truth serum. The serum is highly effective when it works properly, but it has some deadly side effects. It’s being used in some rendition camps with the consent of certain individuals at the highest levels of government . Trevor and Owen face a race against time to discover and reveal the truth whilst being pursued by a powerful and dangerous enemy who will stop at nothingto ensure that what they are doing remains secret

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