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Ant Man

I have recently watched Ant Man based on the Marvel character of the same name and starring Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. It begins with Dr Hank Pym developing a suit that can shrink the wearer to minuscule size .Believing the technology is dangerous, Pym vows to hide it as long as he lives. Unfortunately Pym’s estranged daughter, Hope van Dyne, and former protégé, Darren Cross, force him out of his company, Pym Technologies. Pym is alarmed to find his former protégé Darren Cross attempting to replicate his Ant-Man shrinking technology for nefarious purposes and is very close to perfecting a shrinking suit of his own, the Yellowjacket.

Meanwhile after being released from prison, well-meaning thief Scott Lang moves in with his old cellmate, Luis. While visiting his daughter Cassie unannounced, Lang is rebuked by his former wife Maggie and her police-detective fiancé, Paxton, for not providing child support. Unable to hold a job because of his criminal record, Lang agrees to join Luis’ crew and commit a burglary. Lang breaks into a house and cracks its safe, but only finds what he believes to be an old motorcycle suit, which he takes home. After trying the suit on, Lang accidentally shrinks himself to the size of an insect. Terrified by the experience, he returns the suit to the house, but is arrested on the way out. Pym, the homeowner, visits Lang in jail and smuggles the suit into his cell to help him break out.

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), discovers he has been manipulated through an unknowing Luis into stealing the suit as a test, and that Pymcwants Lang to become the new Ant-Man to steal the Yellowjacket from Cross. Having been spying on Cross after discovering his intentions, van Dyne helps Pym train Lang to fight and to control ants. However van Dyne harbors resentment towards Pym about her mother Janet’s death, and reveals that Janet, known as the Wasp, disappeared into a subatomic quantum realm while disabling a Soviet nuclear missile. Pym warns Lang that he could suffer a similar fate if he overrides his suit’s regulator.

Elsewhere Cross reveals the Yellowjacket suit at a ceremony at Pym Technologies’ headquarters., Meanwhile Lang along with his crew and a swarm of flying ants, infiltrates the building during the event, and Lang attempts to steal the Yellowjacket, however, he along with Pym and Hope, are captured by Cross, who intends to sell both the Yellowjacket and Ant-Man suits to Hydra, led by former S.H.I.E.L.D officer Mitchell Carson. Lang (Ant Man) and Cross (Yellow Jacket) confront one another, Cross takes Cassie hostage and Hope van Dyne dispatches most of the Hydra agents and Ant Man must stop Cross’s evil plans before it is too late which means undertaking a hazardous journey into the quantum realm.

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