Black Eyed Susan’s by Julia Haeberlin

I would like to read Black Eyed Susan’s, the third gripping and creepy psychological thriller by Julia Haeberlin. It features Tessa Cartright, a promising track star, who was abducted by a serial Killer when she was 17 and Left to die with three other girls surrounded by the other victims’ bodies),
past Highway 10, in an abandoned patch of field near the Jenkins property. she was dubbed a ‘Black-Eyed Susan’ by the media, as their bodies were found in a field covered with these flowers. She survives and manages to escape and goes on to forge a decent life for herself

Now eighteen years later, she can still barely remember anything about her experience (or chooses not to). However the past comes back to haunt her When somebody plants Black-Eyed Susans outside her window, and starts to think that the man convicted of the crime Terrell Goodwin (still behind bars) may not be guilty and that the original killer may still be on the loose, and becomes increasingly concerned about the safety of her 14-year-old daughter and is still living in fear, still frightened for her mental state.

She agrees to help a team of lawyers who are working to free Goodman from death row, and in turn find the real killer and is drawn into a last-ditch attempt to save Goodwin by his lawyers and begins to dig, tentatively, into her past. Revealing that three days after the trial ended, after Goodwin was locked up, a clump of black-eyed susans was planted by her window complete with a twisted version of an 18th-century poem – “Oh Susan, Susan, lovely dear… I never want to hurt you again/ But if you tell, I will make Lydia/ A Susan, too” – she starts to peer into her shrouded memories. Goodwin’s lawyers, meanwhile, start exhuming bones and employing cutting-edge forensics in an attempt to prove his innocence, and Effie, Tessa’s elderly neighbour, is complaining about a thief who she says is haunting the neighbourhood.

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