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Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake and Palmer)

Carl Palmer, English drummer and songwriter (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Asia, and Atomic Rooster) was born 20 March 1950 in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. He is credited as one of the most respected rock drummers to emerge from the 1960s.In addition, Palmer is a veteran of a number of famous English bands, including the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Asia. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1989.

Carl Palmer began his career as a replacement for Drachen Theaker, the original drummer for the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, founded by Arthur Brown, who was removed when behavioral problems led to conflicts and hostility from other band members, especially with keyboardist Vincent Crane. Then Theaker abruptly left the band during a U.S. tour in 1969. Followed by keyboard player Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer who both left in 1969 to strike out musically on their own as Atomic Rooster, a trio formed with vocalist/bassist Nick Graham. There were several personnel changes in the band, and their first album was released in early 1970. Meanwhile, Palmer received a call from Keith Emerson to audition for a new group and left Atomic Rooster in the summer of 1970

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were critically and commercially successful through much of the 1970s, becoming one of the best-known progressive rock groups of the era. His experimental use of the Moog synthesizer became the foundation of ELP’s sound and often had unexpected results, such as the time he stumbled into the signature sound for the song Hoedown. The flamboyance that Emerson came to be known for began quite by chance when a fight broke out during a V.I.P.s performance in France. The band told him to keep playing so he made some explosion and machine gun sounds with his Hammond organ, which stopped the fight; everyone looked on with amazement.

Emerson Lake and Palmer Released many classic Progressive Rock albums including Brain Salad Surgery and Tarkus. Emerson has also performed many rock arrangements of classical compositions, including the Italian Concerto by J. S. Bach, Modest Mussorgsky, Béla Bartók, Aaron Copland, Leoš Janáček Maurice Ravel and Alberto Ginastera. Emerson’s performance of Also sprach Zarathustra from 2001: A Space Odyssey was a show stopper as was the opening track of Brain Salad Surgery, “Jerusalem.” Emerson also quoted from classical and jazz works including”Rondo” by The Nice is a 4/4 interpretation of Blue Rondo à la Turk by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, originally in 9/8 time signature. The song The Barbarian” is heavily influenced by “Allegro barbaro” by Bartók, and “Knife Edge” was influenced by “Sinfonietta” by Janáček. Emerson also provided music for a number of films sincluding Dario Argento’s Inferno (1980), the action thriller Nighthawks (1981), Lucio Fulci’s Murder Rock (1984), Michele Soavi’s horror film The Church (1989), Godzilla: Final Wars (2004) and the 1994 US animated television series Iron Man. Sadly Emerson Lake and Palmer broke up in 1979.

Following the first break-up of ELP in 1980, Palmer formed PM with Texas blues rock guitarist John Nitzinger for one album before joining John Wetton and Steve Howe in early 1981, whom had been brought together to form a new super-group. They were later joined by Geoff Downes to form Asia. However Palmer left Asia in 1991 to join the ELP reunion. After several personnel changes the 4 founder members of Asia including Palmer reunited in 2006. Palmer rejoined the newly reformed ELP in 1992 for Black Moon, In the Hot Seat, a box set, as well as several DVDs and the subsequent tours. A one-off ELP performance at the 2010 High Voltage Festival celebrated the 40th anniversary of forming the band. Following the 1998 break-up of ELP, Palmer worked with Asia’s John Wetton in the band Qango, and subsequently toured with his ‘Carl Palmer Band’ featuring Shaun Baxter on guitar and Dave Marks on bass (replaced by Paul Bielatowicz and Stuart Clayton). he has also released four “new” albums, most notably Working Live Vol. I,II & III as well as an anthology album.

In recent years, Palmer has performed a series of drum clinics across the UK, Europe and United States. Palmer is also a patron of the British ‘Classic Rock Society’, which promotes Progressive Rock concerts. Palmer has been reunited with the original line-up of Asia since 2006. They celebrated their 25th anniversary, and have since released 3 new studio albums, Phoenix, in 2008, Omega in 2010 and XXX (30) in 2012 Plus A live album and DVD from the 2006 reunion tour, entitled Fantasia. In 2013, Palmer toured South and North America, and Europe. in 2014 Carl Palmer Appeared on the second annual Moody Blues Cruise, on the cruise ship MSC Ship Divina. and embarked on “The 2014 Rhythm of Light Tour”, Round North America which was billed as “Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy”.

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