Piranha by Clive Cussler

I would like to read Piranha by Clive Cussler. The tenth exciting novel featuring Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon. In this novel Cabrillo and the crew meticulously fake the sinking of the Oregon, but an unknown adversary tracks them down despite their planning and attempts to assassinate them,

Their investigations lead back to a traitorous American weapons designer who is continuing the work of a German scientist who was on the verge of An astonishing breakthrough, but was killed in 1902when the volcano Mt. Pelée erupted on the island of Martinique, wiping out an entire city of thirty thousand and sinking the ship he was sailing on.

Fast-forward to over a century later. Cabrillo and his crew become entangled with a Venezuelan admiral intent on sinking their ship. The female admiral is in possession of stolen American technology known as Piranha; a small undersea craft which can drill perfect holes in the hull of a ship. The admiral received her technology from the same American weapons designer. To make matters even worse, this same person seems to have also completed the work started over a century earlier by the German scientist killed in the volcanic eruption.

Now, this person has the ability to see practically anywhere at any time and now wields extraordinary power, and the crew of the Oregon must prevent an attack that could lead to one man ruling over the largest empire the world has ever known. However their adversary seems to be able to anticipate their every move.

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